My first marriage was to Denine Wilson Cline in 1980 and ended with an amicable divorce in 1986

She had two boys, Scot and Eric from a previous marriage for which I coached basketball and soccer. I had just bought my first home at 4142 Mercier, an old two story home in Westport, and we moved into it. I renovated the home while we lived there. Scot and Eric were 5 and 8 yrs old at the time and there were kids on both sides of us. Annette was a handicapped girl next door to the North and Lupe and Armando were next door on the South. Annette adopted our family and became a regular fixture in our home. We became close to Annette's family, our neighbors to the North, Vince and Mary Lamas and Annette's older college age sister Cindy. I would take the kids on bike hikes to parks or other destinations. I also got the kids together for reading lessons at our home. It was good for Scot and Eric, but Lupe and Armando had moved from Mexico and needed a little reading help. After probably 3 years we sold the house and moved into a new home at 5301 N Main St. in Kansas City North. During and after our divorce, Denine and I remained friendly and I remained close to the boys and continued coaching and took them on several trips, skiing in Colorado and fishing in Canada. Her ex-husband Bob and I were also on friendly terms. He asked me to sell his condo and also to help him buy a home. I got nothing but positive responses to my coaching from the kids and parents, and occassionally I run across my former players. It's fun to see them. Denine died of cancer in 1989. We had nothing but good will toward each other.