who is leading the politics of hate, racial, gender and class division, victimhood and unfounded useless debilitating guilt shaming

and why it is being taught not just in our schools today, but throughout Hollywood, all forms of entertainment, the media, and our courts are also pushing this agenda. I don't buy it. I agree with our Declaration of Independence, "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal". But there is one small minority who has always viewed themselves as victims and the subject of hate, and they use that to justify their own hate. They have separated themselves by race, and their ideology declares they are a race above all others, and they have always been and are at war with Christianity and the rest of humanity. They are the haters of the rest of humanity, and they are leading this deceptive campaign. As a "persecuted minority" they have given themselves a get out of jail free card from all the racial, gender, class division and guilt but still hold the victim card, while they are promoting this to the rest of society. They promote guilt shaming to others for injustices long since remedied and adjudicated 100+ years ago, but excuse the injustice, racism and abuse taking place in Israel today. I don't buy it, and when you finally accept our founders intent for America, that all men are created equal, yes equal, and that we are not going to be divided by race, gender, class, hate, victimhood, and endless debilitating guilt, and that combining religion & state, theocracy itself is an abomination to this nation as founded, we will finally have peace. Your New World Order agenda is an abomination to our founders and this nation as founded, and I don't and won't sign on to it.

Our founders knew well the abuse that takes place with the marriage of church and state, theocracy. For those that reject and challenge the state religion the consequences could be lethal, ie: Being burned at the stake, tortured and brutally executed. It didn't matter how noble the religion. Any time religion and state are combined it is a recipe for injustice and abuse? Israel is a theocracy, and achieving a theocracy is the primary objective of Judaism. We normally don't give it that much thought, but that is the whole objective of their "religion". Their messiah will be a political leader bringing the whole world under their dominion. This is why they were mocking Christ at his execution with the sign they placed on his cross, "King of the Jews". Judaism is a political movement masquerading as a religion. It is no accident that this tiny minority is so disproportionately overly represented in government, the media, Hollywood, our courts, and has established countless nonprofits to promote their political agendas. This is not about spiritual life, or life in the next world, this is about gaining political advantage and the power of the state in this world, and that's political. So in Israel if you subscribe to the state religion you have the privilege that comes with it, and those that reject the state religion are second class citizens. The other side of theocracy is that when you give unelected clerics (in Israel, the San Hedren) authority over the citizenry not only are they punitive toward non-believers, they exempt themselves of their crimes. So in Europe when the Catholic church was the state religion, the clerics answered to no one and often they were depraved.

But Israel is worse. Not only is Israel a theocracy with all the evil that comes with theocracy, it also has a racial component. Now that's another level of depravity. Not only is Judaism the state religion, but Jews are the privileged race and it's codified in their founding documents. We are being guilt shamed and taught we are a racist supremacist  society who have unjustly benefitted due to white privilege in our schools and universities, but RACIAL SUPREMACY IS THE FIRST PRIMARY PRINCIPLE OF JUDAISM today and is codified in Israel's founding documents! Israel has a racial barrier to immigration. Everyone is divided by race, Jews first and everyone else second, and yet they promote hate in this country accusing us of white privilege.

Palestinian Christians living in the West Bank, Gaza and Golan Heights are walled off from the rest of the country without any rights and are no threat to Israel or the Jews, except that God forbid, some Jews would convert to Christianity. Israel has a racial barrier to immigration, for Jews only, and a DNA test to qualify, but if a Jew were to accept Christ and then apply to immigrate to Israel he is excluded. They are all anti-Christian, both zionist and non-zionist Jews.

The Jewish objective for their messiah is to achieve world dominion under their charge (their New World Order) is identical to Hitlers vision for the Third Reich. Hitler's vision for the Third Reich is to Naziism and Germany just as The New World Order today is to zionism and Israel. Judaism is Naziism with a Jewish face, but it's worse, because Jews are anti-Christian. They promote abortion, gay marriage and gay adoption, LGBTQ etc. etc. etc., pornography, drug legalization, open borders in every country but their own. As racial supremacists and anti-Christian they are adversarial to all the Christian West and adversarial to the rest of humanity.  These are the ones promoting euthanasia and eugenics and using these policies to  exterminate non-Jews living in the West Bank, Gaza and Golan Heights. They justify the death of Palestinian children as "better to die as children than as adult terrorists". Just as they justify the deaths of Palestinians, they justify the the loss of life due their insurrected wars, as just culling out the human herd of humanity. They consider us goyim, or human cattle and that our purpose it to serve them, and their ideology places them above the rest of humanity. It is racial supremacy codified in what they defend at their "religion".

The rest of the world sees who we have allied ourselves with and sees Israel for what it is. Everything about the state of Israel is contrary to our founding principles and we should not be supporting it. 

Christians in this country have been duped into believing Jews are God's chosen people. Nothing could be further from the truth. These are the people that reject God. Not only are 85% of Jews atheist or reformed Jews, but 100% reject Christ, and not just reject Christ, these are anti-Christ people. They are adversarial to Christ and Christianity. God chose Abraham because Abraham chose God, but if you reject God, how is it you expect God's blessings? You can only expect God's blessings when you turn back to God, and Christ showed you the way. These people today who call themselves Jews are the remnant of the one Hebrew tribe that rejected Christ. The rest of the tribes accepted Christ including most of the tribe of Judah. These Hebrew tribes have been feuding ever since the death of Solomon and Israel split into Judea, the southern kingdom comprised of the tribe of Judah and Benjamin, and Israel, the northern kingdom comprised of the other ten tribes. The tribe of Judah has been at war with those ten tribes since the split, and been at war with Christianity since the time of Christ.

Jews today are not God's chosen people prophesied in the book of Genesis. They are not numbered as the dust of the earth and a blessing on mankind. These are not numbered as the dust of the earth, they are infinitesimally small, and are not a blessing on mankind, they are a scourge on mankind, but not because of their race. I don't reject their race. I don't judge anyone by the color of his skin or his race. I judge people by the content of their character, and this is where the problem lies. This is why in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 John refers to them as the Synagogue of Satan. It is their ideology that is foul. People that adhere to an ideology that promotes racial, gender and class division, hate, victimhood and guilt need to be opposed on principle. There is nothing racist or anti-semetic here, it is a matter of principle.

Just as we reject Naziism and the KKK. We don't reject Germans or white people, but we reject Naziism and the KKK as a matter of principle. But unlike Germany today and even in Hitler's day, many Germans didn't sign on to Naziism and certainly don't today, however, with this small minority where ever they reside, most hold dear to their ideology of racial supremacy, their objective to achieve political advantage, their hatred of Christian society, and their love of Israel. This marriage of race and religion make it difficult for them to extricate themselves from this evil, and they are sympathetic to their fellow travelers. It is hard for them to look at themselves truthfully, so they rationalize the things they do and their ideology. And when anyone dares challenge their treachery and identify them as the source, united they stand and fight back. I'll also admit that to them any objection to their ideology may seem to be based on race, and for many who object they may also see it as a matter of race, but this ideology makes it very difficult to object without it appearing to be a matter of race. Because they have combined race and religion(ideology) it is difficult to separate the two. Even in spite of their attempt to obscure their race and ideology we have to recognize what this is. We have to object as a matter of principle. They also have one big weakness. Their weakness is their insecurity, like a woman afraid she's about to be dumped once more, and she can never admit that she's the problem. This insecurity they have, has feminized them and made them weaker, and to fight this insecurity and feminization many have turned to a more aggressive orthodoxy of this foul ideology. They are always wringing their hands trying to come to terms with their own inner conflicts. Fortunately, through the ages most of the tribe of Judah have renounced this ideology and they are small in number today, but even so, look at the conflict, death and destruction they have created, authored and inspired. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it doesn't make it less valid. We have to oppose this evil ideology as a matter of principle. And we also have to forgive and love them when they finally do renounce this evil and accept Christ. For this small minority at war with humanity, it is the only way for them, and then finally they can be the blessing that was promised to Abraham.  

With regard to Judaism, and because they view themselves as a race and a religion, and trying to survive among other competing races and ideologies in Biblical times, it was as much a survival strategy as anything else. This was very common among all nations  at the time. They were generally of one race or tribe and had their own theology. The difference for the Jew, and the rest of the Hebrew tribes is that they were monotheistic while others were polytheistic. I was having a conversation with a Jew, Larry who had listened to my radio show and I made the statement that Judaism was not a religion, and he said it was a way of life. The point is this, Jews view the world as an "us against them" paradigm. They view others who are not Jewish as the enemy. Their interpretation of themselves as God's Chosen People is that they are above the rest of humanity, separated from the rest of humanity as much as cattle and sheep are to their care takers, and that is how they view themselves, as the care takers of humanity. They think we will all be happier and that it is God's plan for us to accept that role for them to be our care takers and masters, but this role can also be adversarial as they manage the human goy herd(Goyim is the Yiddish word for cattle, and it is the slang term they use when referring to gentiles or non-Jews). This is how they viewed themselves, but by the time of Christ, they were once again under the control of another empire, this time the Roman Empire, but what made the Roman Empire unique and a stronger empire was that it was able to assimilate all kinds of races and give them citizenship, or equal ownership. The Jews had had a brief period in history when they were united and autonomous, but from that point on they were under the authority of other tribes and empires.

The point is this. When Christ came along and said to "Love thine Enemy", he was saying that you don't have to be adversarial and at war with the rest of humanity. You can live in peace and love the rest of humanity. This command was not as we interpret it today, that we should love our mortal enemy. For the Jew in Christ's time it was that as a Jew you don't have to be hating anyone who isn't Jewish. Their whole ideology makes them adversarial to gentiles, and then his statement to Ciaphas that his kingdom was not of this world. This separated Christianity from the state. This is why theocracy is an abomination to Christianity, and why the Catholic church with it's nation state the Vatican is contrary to Christianity as Christ defined it.

The real breakthrough with Jesus Christ is that he destroyed the old religious paradigm of a state religion or theocracy and also the notion that religion was attached to a specific race. So now Christianity had departed from this ancient paradigm and so for the first time (at least the first time in this region of the world) religion was not connected to specific race or nation. Christianity had transcended this ancient paradigm which associated religion, race and the nation state. This is how Christianity was to be the blessing on mankind. Because of Christianity, no longer would Christian nations have to see themselves as adversaries. At least in theory, Christianity should make countries allies and trading partners, however, this small minority is always seeking political influence and is adversarial to Christianity and always mucking things up, stirring up conflict. Today they are deliberately stirring up conflict with Russia, a Christian nation that should be our natural ally. They are doing the same thing with Syria, which has a large Christian minority, but have given us over to be allied with Saudi Arabia, an anti-Christian nation that persecutes Christians. All this is to benefit Israel, their first love, their promised land. 

I don't question Old Testament Bible accounts, however I do believe they very likely were embellished by the author's natural empathy for his tribe. So when I read about how they were treated in Egypt, I take that into account. Jews have always viewed themselves as the persecuted minority. Egypt was one of the first, if not the first successful multi-ethnic society at the time, and although I don't doubt that Egyptian theology may have been foul. It is clear from the accounts of Joseph that the Hebrew tribes were welcomed into Egyptian society when they arrived, but that over 400 years they did in Egypt what they have always attempted to do, take over society to the exclusion of any other race, and the Egyptians resented it.

It is also clear to me that Jesus is and was their Messiah that has transformed western religion from what was a racist tribal and theocratic ideology into a true spiritual theology that could unite mankind in peace. Jesus Christ in my view is and was the savior and the redeemer of mankind. He and those Hebrew tribes that accepted and followed him were to be the blessing on mankind that was the fulfillment of the promise to Abraham. Those who have rejected him are the scourge on humanity and the stain on the Hebrew tribes. It is through Christianity that the Hebrew tribes were to lead mankind and be the fulfillment of both their own theology, Old Testament prophecy, and the promise to Abraham. Jews today are not God's chosen people.