As we witness this assault on our President.

As we are tortured on nightly news, like nails on a chalk board, hearing all this treachery and duplicity, attempting to run Trump out of office. Notice the ones directing this are this small minority with their ideology of racism, division, hate, victimhood and guilt shaming and their surrogates planted in, and infecting all branches of government, and especially in our Judiciary, Department of Justice, and heavily represented in the legal field, and of course they control the media, and they are using their positions to direct this assault. As you watch all this analysis and handwringing, this is the one component we don't dare consider or discuss. You know when you are sick or developing chronic health issues often times we put off going to the doctor, especially men. We don't want to deal with it. We know that the remedy might be painful or we might have to make some changes, but at some point our condition becomes unbearable and we have to see a doctor, we have to deal with it finally or we might die as a result of our negligence and our refusal to address our problems. America is sick. We have a lethal infection, ebola of the soul, but even more dangerous. And when this infection becomes systemic and we begin to experience organ failure we don't have long to live. Our nation is experiencing organ failure as key branches of government begin to shut down from this infection, and our electoral process begins to fail. And as any cancer survivor will tell you, you have to fight back. So that's where we are. We can't hide from it or deny it any longer. We must understand that religion must be a spiritual institution, not a political institution seeking the power of the state or political advantage. We must remain one nation under God (without God we will fail) indivisible (we can't allow ourselves to be divided by race, gender, class, victimhood or debilitating guilt) with liberty and justice for all, not just for the privileged elite, not divided by class, race or gender, but justice for all, and any attempt to subvert these principles should be considered not just a crime, but sedition and treason, and those responsible expelled or worse.