Pornography has now been found to be much worse than just an immoral and depraved distraction. Studies have now proven that porn is dangerously addictive, as much so as any drug, including meth, cocaine and heroine, but even worse, the changes in brain chemistry and structure from porn addiction are identical to those from hard core drug abuse.

Pornography was introduced in America in the late 1950’s, and by the late 60’s the wave of sexual predation in America had begun, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gasy, Dr. Earl Bradley, Dean Corll, Arthur Gary Bishop, John Couey, Jeffrey Dahmer etc. etc. (look them up!) and every sexual predator will tell you they began their obsession with porn as an adolescent, teen or young adult but no one dares scrutinize porn as a primary contributing factor.

Listen to this clip from my show as Jack Justice w/clips of interviews with sexual predators Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer.

Porn had gained the sacred protection of our Supreme Court as protected free speech. Our founding fathers never imagined our constitution, this sacred document, could be twisted to justify pornography. Our first amendment guarantees us the right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom to peaceably assemble, and petition for governmental redress of grievances.

This right was given to protect political speech to challenge our government & to debate gov’t policies, not to justify porn or that pornography could be free speech, but now that the studies are in, and we know the results of porn especially internet porn on adolescent boys this subject needs further scrutiny.

No one argues the case for yelling fire in a crowded theater should be legal, because on it’s face it can do so much harm. Porn is equally dangerous, but even more so.

It has now been proven through scientific studies in Australia, New Zealand and Europe that porn is extremely addictive, especially for adolescent boys and as harmful as any drug addiction. Furthermore, because of the chemical and structural changes in the brain from porn addiction, those victims are more vulnerable to hard core drug abuse. You see, porn addiction causes a condition in the brain called hypo-frontality, changing the frontal cortex identical to the result of hard core drug addiction. 

Every study has reached the same conclusions as to the effects and results of porn, especially in young and adolescent boys. Girls also can become addicted to internet porn, but boys are more than 3 times more likely to view and become addicted to internet porn.

An Australian study that included a survey of American porn consumers concluded that 80% of boys age 10 and older have seen or are regularly viewing porn on the internet. Often these boys are able to cover their internet tracks on their phones and internet devices so their parents are unable to detect their internet history. These kids come home from school and before their parents are home from work, or while they are at school or in the public library, or searching the internet on their phones, purveyors of porn have programmed pop ups targeting our kids and leading them to hard core porn sites. 

This same study concluded that only 30% of girls view porn regularly, but for girls seeking attention from boys and having to compete with porn, it’s no wonder girls resort to sexting to get boys attention.

At this point I would not advocate porn be made illegal although it should, but that porn should be strickly regulated and our children protected from porn. Israel has instituted a program that blocks internet porn and only those who prove they are over 21 and apply for it have access to internet porn. We can duplicate this in Missouri and we should!

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