Sodium Fluoride


The science of fluoride is in.

It is ludicrous that a poison with


be added to our water supply.

How does this happen! We have been so conditioned in this country, taking the blue pill that our powers of reasoning have left us, but if there was a blue pill, it would be sodium fluoride!

We can go to any tube of fluoridated tooth paste and it tells us not to ingest the toothpaste, but it’s OK to put in our water! At least the tooth paste label tells you to spit it out!

If you insist on fluoride, that’s fine, eat your tooth paste, because except for the fluoride, it’s perfectly safe. Don’t subject the rest of us and especially our children to fluoridated water.

The warning on your tube of tooth paste especially says

           and to call
your poison control center!
if ingested by your child,

but I saw bottled water the other day in the baby food section of the grocery store with fluoride added.

So what does fluoride do? It is a poison that can kill you and it can have many deleterious effects, but the first and most common effect of fluoride is on the BRAIN!

Historically fluoride has been added to water supplies to subdue prison populations and make inmates more compliant, and easier to control.

So in Hitler’s concentration camps fluoride was added to the camps water supply.

When Communists ran the Soviet Union and political prisoners were shipped off for detention, fluoride was added to the water supply of the Russian Gulags in Siberia!

Fluoride is a neurotoxin and is especially not what should be added to our water supply.

I will work to expose fluoride for what it is and to have it removed from municipal water supplies in Missouri. It should be outlawed, banned from our water supply, just as lead and mercury and any other neurotoxin.

Fluoride affects our pineal gland, considered by science to be our third eye. This gland affects our sleep & wake cycles, and consciousness, making people more compliant, less motivated.

We need to be sharp, utilizing all the gifts God has given us.

Fluoride may be one reason we have been so duped by politicians & the media.

Eliminating fluoride is a start.