There will always be a small percent of those prejudging others by race, but you can’t legislate attitude.

The real threat to American society is institutional racism. 

In America we have this founding principle, “That all men are created equal”. We fought the Civil war to codify this principle. We should not be separating people in this country by race, giving or withholding privilege based on race. Any organization that does so is an example of institutional racism. Any organization separating others by race should not be given tax exempt status or religious privilege.

During the civil rights movement there were unified calls for desegregation which I support, by right, not by force. Illegitimacy in the black community was less than 23%, but within 30 years after the Great Society was passed (welfare, food stamps, aid for dependent children, medicaid, urban renewal) illegitimacy in the black community was above 70%.

With the increase in crime, and collapse of the black family, many in the black community blamed desegregation and called for, not just resegregation, but militant segregation. This began the rise of a second wave of malevalent institutional racism. These are institutions founded to separate their race from other races, but also to incite and justify racism toward another race or races, typically the white race, but also Black, Hispanic, Native American or Jewish race. Early examples of this are the KKK, Black Panthers, and Nation of Islam. Today it would be LaRaza, ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter along with others.

Institutional racism is not necessarily malevolent. i.e.  the Black Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and others. These members would be welcomed in their local Chamber of Commerce. They choose to separate themselves by race, and that is their right, and these organizations certainly aren’t founded to justify and create animus toward other races. These are examples of non-malevolent institutional racism.

The real cancer in America is malevolent institutional racism. These organizations separate themselves by race and justify and incite violence toward another race. This is what’s happening with ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, & LaRaza. This is what Nazism and the KKK represent, although miniscule by comparison. Malevolent institutional racism is racists organizing and evangelizing their hate toward others. Compounding that, is calling it religion.

In physics there is a dictum: for every action, there is an equal & opposite reaction. In human behavior it may not be that easy to quantify, but this principle also applies. The point is this: when racism is being encouraged and promoted in one racial group targeting another, the targeted group may respond in self defense w/an equal and targeted animus toward the offending race. This can easily escalate into racial violence & conflict. Although not all members of either race are part of the original offense or response. This will create fear and distrust within both races as tensions escalate, & as it does, it appears to both races their animus is justified & they further separate themselves. This is their plan to destroy America with race wars. Add socialism, class envy & loss of respect for private property, & you have a classic Bolshevik revolution.

When you combine institutional racism and religion you have a much higher level of depravity. To understand how this works, it is necessary to understand religions of antiquity. They were nearly all race specific, considering other races inferior, seeking racial supremacy as a matter of religious doctrine, seeking a racial theocratic state. Considering ancient religions were centered on race & racial supremacy, what you had was a perfect recipe for conflict & hate. Each trying to dominate, subjugate and exterminate other races. This is the treachery we’re being subjected to today. Racial supremacy is a scourge on humanity. The Roman empire was one of the first civilizations to overcome this old order of malevolent institutional racism, assimilating other races by giving them rights of citizenship, & the right to move freely throughout the empire, for commerce, and to live where they chose to live, and still maintain their rights as Roman citizens. Roman civilization furthered this ideal by building roads and encouraging commerce. This is why Christianity was such a blessing. It brings people together peacefully w/love. It was theocracy, making Catholicism the state religion, that poisoned the Catholic church, turning it into a political institution, to this day.

These two "religions" qualify as malevolent institutional racism. They are the Nation of Islam and Judaism. 

Islam denies free speech, denies women and children rights, justifies slavery, forced conversion & holy war (jihad) killing infidels, is theocratic, advocating clerics preside over policing, courts and governance. Islam is always seeking an Islamic state, but it’s not institutional racism until it is combined with race, as does the Nation of Islam. Now you have a foul ideology combined with racism. Any religion advocating race or theocracy, should not qualify for religious privilege, but should be considered a political movement seeking political advantage and objectives. For religion advocating race, and a pure racial state, politics is the religion, and racial supremacy the objective. Being a minority is never justification for racism, but this is the justification Jews claim, and why Jews promote racism in minorities, because it hides & justifies their own racist supremacist ideology. Christ stated it best when questioned if he was the king of the Jews. His answer "My kingdom is not of this world". He wasn't seeking an earthly kingdom, but for a religion seeking to create a worldly kingdom, that's a political objective.

Another way to identify Judaism as malevolent institutional racism, is to see who Jewish organizations and synagogues promote. Those who support racist organizations are culpable, whether it be the KKK & Nazism, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, & LaRaza or the state of Israel. Israel is a classic example of malevolent institutional racism. It is a racial theocracy where schools & communities are segregated by race, attempting to depopulate Christian & Moslem Palestinians, commandeering (stealing) their homes & communities, creating a privileged race for their state. Those who support, fund and encourage this are part of it. Any politician/organization supporting the KKK or Nazism is culpable. Today you can’t find a politician or organization supporting white institutional racism. Everywhere you’ll find politicians supporting black and hispanic malevolent institutional racism. Judaism & Jewish organizations support, fund & promote black & hispanic racism, and for those that don’t, they support their racial theocracy, Israel. Their religion separates them by race, advocating their race and pure racial state, or strives to transform the state wherein they reside, into their racial theocratic NWO state. They promote & incite racism & envy everywhere & in Israel, spreading hatred, because it hides & justifies their own hate filled power mad racist supremacist ideology. This is why the Republican party is culpable by supporting the racist state of Israel, but the Democrat party is even more culpable by supporting Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA & La Raza, attempting to tear down this country to create their NWO state, and worse, the Democrat party is also a strong proponent of Israel.

Those driving this race madness have implanted themselves at every level of government, judiciary, military, both parties & media, & now we have a problem. So you can see what President Trump is facing. This is not about party or conservative/liberal. It’s loyalty. Their faith demands their loyalty, to their race & NWO state. It’s their religion. They’ve duped Christians calling themselves God’s chosen race. We’re not chosen by race. We're chosen by faith, just as Abraham found God's favor, by faith. They promote Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA & LaRaza, but aren’t inviting them to their synagogues. You’ll never see a “Visitors Welcome” sign, or Jewish faithful inviting neighbors to join, because it's not about religion, it's about gaining political advantage and political objectives in the state wherein they reside, and for their state, Israel. Judaism is a political movement advocating their race and New World Order state. Politics is their religion as they are seeking political objectives. But it's worse. They are adverse to Christianity and the rest of humanity. Religion advocating race, exclusive to one race, is by definition, adverse to all other races, so they promote theocracy & envy, inciting conflict, dividing us by race & class. When your objective is to separate your race from the rest of humanity, you will justify it by dividing the rest of humanity by race, and then inciting racial conflict in order to gain advantage. This has always been their plan, and this is the reason the Roman Empire destroyed Jerusalem.

Malevolent Institutional Racism 

is the Problem in America