Controversy regarding my Radio show & Social Media

I have always had a creative streak which began in high school after a couple football injuries. I had taken choir class for some easy credits and the teachers liked me and put me in a couple plays. Then they gave me the lead in the school musical. In college I continued to be involved in theater and had a radio show on campus. I also wrote, directed and starred in skits I wrote for the school and my fraternity. As an adult in real estate we began having a talent night once a year with the Northland Board of Realtors. I always wrote, starred and directed the skit for my office. I began writing song parodies and satires one winter when work was slow and sending them to different conservative talk radio shows around the country. I love talk radio but thought it needed to be lightened up a little occassionally and thought my parodies and satires could be a welcome comic relief. I got wonderful reviews but wasn't able to make a business of it so I approached KCXL about doing my own show. My father was a child star in Denver Colorado in the early 20's and sang on the radio as "Jackie West". I thought Jack West sounded good, but settled on Jack Justice for my radio pseudo name. After a couple months of doing the show and doing research for the show, things I learned were very troubling. I listened to main stream talk radio such as Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage to draw material for my show and then to other sources also.

I had never intended to bring my radio show to this debate. Issues I address in my radio show are more national and international issues that really don't apply to Missouri politics, however, once I won the primary the assault on my character began and the cat was out of the bag, and if you want to hear for yourself my radio podcasts you are absolutely welcome to visit my radio show website and listen to any of my podcasts. They are quite entertaining and very compelling, nothing like you've ever heard before on talk radio. I would only suggest that you listen to the whole show, and listen to multiple shows. I never go anywhere in my shows that I can't back up usually with multiple sources much more credible than myself. So I welcome your visits, however I won't be making these types of points from the floor of the house in Jefferson City. I will be focused on those issues I've outlined.

These assaults on my character coming from the main stream media and social media are an attempt to distract you from real solutions I am proposing for Missouri. This is typical of liberal strategies for personal destruction and distraction from issues they don't want to be discussed.

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