Islam is a Problem for America


Islam is antithetical to everything this country was founded on. Our Bill of Rights Article I, the very first Amendment prescribes that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. Thomas Jefferson further codified this principle in a letter to the Danberry Baptist Association that there should be a wall of separation between church and state, however, when a religion, as one of it’s primary tenants calls for a state religion, a theocracy, that religion I believe has crossed a line from what should be a spiritual and religious institution to a political movement with a political agenda seeking political advantage and should therefore not be granted privileges and tax advantages accorded religious institutions. A religion that as a primary tenant is seeking the acquisition of political power, the power of the state, the power of law and justice and for religious clerics to rule over the citizenry such as Islam does, this is now a political movement mascarading as religion. Now this is not a spiritual kingdom, it's an earthly kingdom they seek, and that's political. Our founders knew well the abuse that can result from clerics presiding over the citizenry and the results could be incredible injustice, including being burned at the stake, torture and worse for those who would challenge the state religion. It didn't matter the religion, whether it be Protestant, Catholic, Islam or other. It matters not how noble the religion, any time state and religion are joined, it is a recipe for injustice and abuse. This is what Islam is, it is in direct conflict with our Constitution and those who subscribe to Islam should not be considered for immigration. We have civil (citizen) authorites policing us and civil (citizen) justice presiding over our courts, not clerics ruling over us, and we should never permit "No Go" zones or the take over of civil authority in one city block not to mention a community. This doesn't belong here. We are a nation of, by and for the people, NOT CLERICS. NOT ANY CLERICS. And clerics also need to be held accountable for their crimes. When clerics preside over the state, they exempt themselves from their own indiscretions. This also was a concern our founders were well aware of, seeing clerics having abused the citizenry. This is the problem with theocracy, any theocracy.

Here's Rush Limbaugh describing a program being promoted in public schools by the department of education. This is another reason we need school choice.

Primary tenants of Islam:

1. The combining of church and state putting clerics in authority over government.

a. With Islam as the state religion, those who do not subscribe to Islam are subject to penalties, persecution & state sponsored bigotry. Our founders knew all to well that when clerics rule the state, punishment to heretics and infidels could be severe. ie: Being burned at the stake, losing your head, torture etc.

2. Women have no rights and leads to abuse of women and children.

      Listen to this clip from my show as Jack Justice w/Documentary "Boys for Sale" and a clip from the Michael Savage show describing the Islamic abuse of boys in Afganistan.

a. Women have no legal rights.
b. Women are forced to cover themselves, and in some Muslim countries are not permitted to drive. Women are restricted in every aspect of their daily lives and totally at the mercy of their husbands and men.

Genital mutilation!!! This is an abomination in Islam happening to girls 8 - 13 years of age.

Honor Killings!!! Seen here in America, the killing of Islamic women & girls who have "dishonored" the family.


3. Islam prohibits free speech, especially for women. Free speech is the first and primary fundamental right in America. In a Moslem country I could recieve a death sentence for criticizing or challenging Islam.

Individually these people can be incredible and lovely people, people are people often with fine qualities, I get that, and can be a great asset to America just as all people can contribute to this country. Thank God most Moslems are not practicing Moslems, and they love America. I can see why, having come from such repressive Islamic countries, but even after coming to America they don't dare criticize or renounce Islam for fear of reprisal. Islam has a doctrine that commands clerics to issue a fatwa, or death sentence on any who would criticize or renounce Islam. Salman Rushdie, a UK citizen wrote the book "Satanic Verses" exposing Islam and was forced into hiding as a result of a fatwa, but we're told this is a religion of peace! Thank God most Moslems that come to this country are not practicing Islam and love freedom and love this country,                 


This ideology is foul and needs to be identified for what it is. It takes over a society and especially once it gains a majority. Look at the "No Go" zones in American and Europe. It is a scourge on America, just as it is a scourge on humanity where ever it takes root.






PS:Oh yeah, there's two more little things, the first, a small matter of doctrine in Islam called Jihad. This insignificant matter of faith that requires believers to make war on infidels and encourages violence against nonbelievers. Yeah, that little thing. War itself is the attempt to impose a political will on others, forcing them to submit to  an alien political power. 

And second is the little insignificant doctrine of "fatwa". This is the ordering of the assassination or execution of someone who has renounced or somehow spoken ill of Islam.  Salman Rushdie was forced into hiding when a fatwa was placed on his head for his book "Satanic Verses" which was critical of Islam.

The word Islam is the Arabic word meaning submission. This ideology is definitely and without a doubt a political movement seeking to impose it's political objectives through force of violence, war, coersion or by whatever means, and should not be considered a religion at all, but rather an alien, seditious and treasonous ideology. Those who defend it and are promoting it are also treasonous. This cancer on America hasn't come here by accident and that's another issue.