From the Gold Law Firm LLC which has specialized in vaccine injury compensation for 20 years, this is a documented list of:

Vaccine Adverse Effects


Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) is characterized by a brief but widespread attack of inflamation in the brain and spinal cord that damages myelin - the protective covering of nerve fibers. ADEM often follows viral or bacterial infections, or less often, vaccination for measles, mumps, and rubella.

Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP)

Brachial neuropathy

Anaphylactic shock or anaphylactic reaction

Transverse Myelitis

Parsonage Turner syndrome

Encephalopathy or encephalitis

Thrombocytopenic purpura


Adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder)

Hearing loss

Other reactions


Of these adverse effects, the most alarming and prevalent are neurological disorders, a result of brain and spinal cord inflamation (swelling) at the time children “for unexplained reasons” are experiencing developmental regression into autism. In addition to neurological disorders there has been an epidemic of auto-immune diseases ie: diabetes, lupus, MS & others. Cancer, rare childhood cancers & other chronic diseases have also risen to epidemic levels in America.


CDC recommended vaccine schedule: birth - 24 months


                  Dose 1        Dose 2            Dose 3           Dose 4

HepB         birth          1-2 months      6-18 months

Rotovirus   2 months    4 months         this is an oral vaccine

DTaP         2 months    4 months         6 months      15-18 months

HiB           2 months    4 months         6 months      12-15 months

PCV13       2 months    4 months         6 months      12-15 months

IPV           2 months    4 months          6-18 months        

IIV            6 months    18 months

MMR         12 months    

VAR          12-15 months  

HepA         12 months     18 months


HepB (Hepatitis B), Rotavirus (gastrointestinal virus), 

DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, & acellular Pertussis)

HiB (Haemophilis Influensae type b,  bacterial)

PCV13 (Pneumococcal conjugate w/antigens for 13 bacterial strains)

IPV (Inactivated Poliovirus)    IIV (Influensa)  

MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)  VAR (Varicella)     

HepA (Hepatitus A)


This is 24 injections of 80 antigens w/adjuvants. Injections can be combined to make larger doses of multiple antigens w/adjuvants. Fewer shots may be less alarming to parents and easier to gain compliance. In 1983  the  CDC directed doctors give no more than 4 vaccines simultaneously, by 2013 the CDC directed doctors give up to 8 vaccines at one time. Some of these vaccines are for bacterial infections, treatable with antibiotics, with no risk of vaccine adverse effects. 

Vaccines and Autism

The most common manifestation of autism begins to appear at 12-24 months and is characterized by developmental regression, the loss of previously acquired developmental skills or benchmarks. A baby progressing normally expressing auditory and behavioral responses, for “unexplained reasons” begins to regress, becoming unresponsive, and looses those previously acquired skills. Vaccines have conclusively been linked to autism for children with mitochondrial dysfunction. Mitochondria affects the production of energy in our cells. Dysfunction can be a result of genetic anomalies or caused by a temporary illness or condition, possibly an adverse reaction to a vaccine? Surveys in the 1960s estimate 1 in 15,000 w/Autism. Autism spectrum disorders for the year 2000 were approximately 1 in 55, today estimates are as high as 1 in 36. Listen to Robert Kennedy Jr. discuss high rates of disabilities in our children at Listen and watch this video VAXXED explain the connection between vaccines and autism. My son was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and I noticed that some days he was angelic and other days he was off the wall. I felt that diet or some evironmental factor must be contributing to his condition. After watching the Vaxxed video I saw the diet connection and here is the testimony of one mother who was able to help her son by carefully watching his diet. My son had an acute adverse reaction immediately after he received his MMR vaccine. Today he is type 1 diabetic. I suspect it all began with that vaccine and this connects the dots as to this vaccine, diet, autism and diabetes. This country is suffering from an epidemic of type 1 diabetes. The supplement MSM may also be able to help detoxify the body of some of these toxins injected under our skin. Our skin is our bodies first defense. 

Adjuvants are substances added to vaccines to emit a stronger immune response and also to enhance shelf life to prevent spoilage. Adjuvants include mercury (thimerisol to prevent spoilage). Formaldehyde is also used as a preservative. Aluminum salts are added to emit stronger immune response.  IFA is a water-in-oil emulsion adjuvant. IFA has been linked to melanoma, renal carcinoma & multiple sclerosis. MF59 is a water-in-oil squalene emulsion adjuvant used in flu vaccines and other child vaccines. The surfactant would be a detergent/soap like substance to assist the emulsion process. AS03 is an emulsion adjuvant that contains tocopherol, squalene, and polysorbate 80. Polysorbate 80 is a synthetic nonionic viscous, water-soluble yellow liquid surfactant used in many vaccines.The antibiotic Neomycin is used to prevent bacterial contaminations.    

Antigens in Vaccines

In addition to adjuvants, antigens consist of inactivated or attenuated virus cells derived from animal and/or human fetal cells (proteins) grown in lab cultures. These cells can infect recipients  with  life  long  and  devastating  adverse   effects. These animal cells may contain virus DNA/RNA and/or mutations endemic within these different species. These are virus infections not seen in human populations which can have devastating effects, leading to rare cancers & lifelong immune disorders, often years after the original exposure.

SV40 aka: Simian Monkey Virus

SV40 was isolated from normal monkey kidney cells, stocks of the Sabin poliovirus vaccine, and an adenovirus vaccine. The last two reagents were prepared in primary kidney cell cultures derived from rhesus monkeys. Subsequent analysis found the Salk poliovirus vaccine administered from 1955-63 was also contaminated with SV40. SV40 has been linked to brain & bone cancers, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, renal disease, urinary tract cancers, and colon cancer. 

XMLV (Xenotropic Murine Lukemia Virus)

Endemic in mice, has been identified in humans w/links to prostate cancer & chronic fatigue syndrome. Mice are the most common lab animal. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (Mad Cow Disease) is linked to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Origins of these rare diseases are unknown, but injecting animal cells into humans can have dangerous side effects.

Small CDC sample list of other vaccine substances:

Canine Kidney (MDCK) cell protein, fetal bovine serum, hydrocortisone, gentamicin sulfate, barium, sorbitan trioleate, yeast protein, polysorbate 20, monosodium L-glutamate, urea, polydimethylsiloxane,   acetone,  human  serum  albumin,  2-phenoxyethanol, phenol, hydrolyzed gelatin, Triton X-100 (another sufactant), egg protein, octylphenol ethoxylate etc.

Link to our epidemic of extreme allergies (anaphylaxis)

An unusual admission by Japanese doctors: an outbreak of gelatin allergy in children starting in 1988 continuing through the 1990s was caused by pediatric vaccination. In that year changes to the vaccination schedule in Japan meant the DTP was replaced by an acellular version containing gelatin. Children began reacting w/anaphylaxis to the MMR vaccine as well as gelatin-containing foods (yogurt, Jell-O, etc.). Adjuvant & vaccine ingredients changed dramatically between 1989 and 1994 in the United States, UK, Canada and Australia. During those years, five new formulations for the same bacteria (not a virus), Heamophilus influenza type b (Hib) were introduced within an expanded and intense vaccination schedule. Like the gelatin allergy that emerges from a changed schedule of pediatric injections, was there some mix of ingredients in the new Western schedule that was sensitizing children to peanuts? Peanut oil had been a documented vaccine ingredient. Of equal concern was the potential of cross reactivity between dietary peanut and homologous injected proteins. Cross-reactivity explains why a person allergic to peanuts, & legumes, may also react to nuts or citrus seeds, which belong to different plant families, but their proteins have similar molecular weights and structures. Ingredients changed, & the number of shots increased for kids in their first eighteen months. To counter these obstacles to compliance, vaccines for diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus (DPT), polio (OPV) and H. influenza b (Hib) were administered to children in a single visit w/two injections and an oral polio dose starting in 1988. By 1994 starting in Canada, these five were rolled into a single needle. Few parents realize that by design, immunization provokes both the desired immune response and allergy at the same time. These natural defenses are inseparable and the more potent the vaccine, the more powerful the responses. This is a known outcome of vaccination since Charles Richet won the Nobel Prize (1913) for his research on anaphylaxis.

Vaccine Interferance

This in an Armed Forces report, abstract by GG Wolf. A study at Wright Patterson AFB of 6,000 service members for the 17/18 flu season concluded those recieving the flu vaccine had a significantly higher risk for COVID & metapneumovirus infections. Metapneumovirus has had mortality rates in long term care facilities of 50%. This may explain higher COVID mortality rates for long term care facilities, hospitals & health care workers. For these groups, flu vaccines are mandatory.

Bayh-Dole Bill,  FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!

Dec 12, 1980 Jimmy  Carter  signed  the  Bayh-Dole act giving federal agencies, NGO non-profits & universities licensing authority for patents obtained under federal contract/funding and individual patent inventors rights to collect royalties. Federal agencies, NGOs, & universities have a profit incentive to promote vaccines & other new drugs to collect royalties. They license these to big pharma and sit back and collect billions & trillions. For big pharma/chemical, making vaccines, there’s an even bigger reward. You’ll never hear this ad on vaccines. “If you or your loved ones recieved the . . . vaccine & suffered from cancer, autism, extreme allegies, anaphylactic shock or death, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact the law offices of . . . to file your claim”. Federal agencies, NGOs & universities are in bed w/big pharma/chemical, but worse, have used the power of government to indemnify big pharma/chemical from loss, force these vaccines on our children, & last: taxpayers to pay the cost of adverse effects, & are attempting to force a COVID19 vaccine on us all. 

The Democrat party is the party of big money, big pharma/chemical and big business. Their plan is to control you! The Democrat party is adverse to small business & working men & women. If you question that, this is a tiny partial list of big business sponsors of ANTIFA & Black Lives Matter, wrecking our cities: Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Target, Facebook, Walmart, Home Depot, Etsy, Ubisoft, H&M clothing retailer, Spanx, Levis, Gap brands, Warby Parker, etc.  

Profit is a beautiful thing in a free market because consumers decide which goods & services to buy, and drugs have full disclosure with pharmaceutical companies bearing the cost of research, & injury for adverse effects. Bureaucrats & scientists receiving royalties for discoveries while receiving 6 figure incomes in gov’t employ or at gov’t expense is tantamount to receiving kickbacks. Gov’t agencies, NGOs & universities are nonprofits. When hidden profits become their driving force, their nonprofit founding mission is corrupted and lost. Using the power of gov’t to promote, protect & enforce their get rich schemes is criminal.

Dr Fauci, Birx, & director/doctors in agencies, NGOs & Universities are in bed w/big pharma/chemical. They’re rats, poisoning America for their personal gain. Since 1980, this is the public health racket. This is why Hydroxychloroquine is maligned, & we’re hearing unified calls for COVID19 vaccines from the medical establishment, & other “so called” science & medical experts. This “hidden profit” corrupting influence on Federal agencies, NGOs & universities has poisoned our medical schools. Doctors are trained to trust & promote it.

But it’s worse. (UNFPA), The UN population fund’s primary objective is to reduce world population. Vaccination is key to their plan. It’s not just big money for big pharma/chemical & royalties. Vaccines are their means of population control, affecting reproduction, making us sick, dependent, living in fear, & thus, easier to manage and control. Population control is why they fervantly promote abortion & LGBT lifestyles. They justify abortion calling these kids unwanted. So what happens when you are no longer wanted. I know what that feels like. They may be trying to get me killed with their lying hate campaign, misrepresenting things I’ve said. They’re terrified to have these discussions, so they promote lies & misinformation, to divert our attention from the truth they’re hiding. Anal sex & IV drugs transmit the worlds most virulent deadly virus, HIV/AIDS, yet it’s promoted, & they pass out needles. They enforce quarrantine, social distancing, contact tracing, vaccines & masks on us for a cold virus, but HIV/AIDS gets a pass. Population control may explain their insane push to put COVID19 patients on ventilators.

Finally, growing up in the 50’s & 60’s, Measles, Mumps & Chicken Pox were harmless childhood diseases. We dealt w/them cautiously, but without fear, understanding the importance of getting these young, because the onset of puberty could make these infections more serious. Getting these naturally has a lifelong benefit: lifelong immunity. Immunity from vaccines is overstated because they require booster shots and can leave adults unprotected. It seems we may be trading dubious vaccine immunity for a host of other more serious and devastating life changing maladies. In a nation founded of, by, and for the people, on individual freedom, individuals should have the right to decide. Unlike those trying to control us, as John Kennedy eloquently described in his secret societies speech, concluding with his plan for America: “So that man can be what he was meant to be, free and independent.”