Vaccines Should be Voluntary


We are the most vaccinated population in the world and yet the most chronically ill, with the most debilitating auto-immune diseases, including diabetes, lupus, rhumatoid athritis, ADHD, autism and severe acute allergies.

How did these auto-immune diseases become so prevalent? These illnesses weren’t public health issues in this country until the 1960’s and 70’s.

The current epidemic of auto-immune diseases and extreme food allergies
began just at the time vaccines were introduced.

These were not public health issues in the 1940’s & 50’s,
So how did America get so sick?

Are vaccines making us sick?

Listen to this account of an adverse reaction to a flu shot by radio host Michael Savage

Better hygiene, indoor plumbing, private transporation and a higher living standard have eliminated the need for vaccines, especially for harmless childhood diseases. Vaccines require periodic booster shots. When children get childhood illnesses naturally such as chicken pox, measles and mumps, they develop lifelong immunities and vaccines are not necessary.

Dr Oz tells us to get the flu vaccine, but not his children

Vaccines have side effects that go unreported by 99+%,
and the efficacy of vaccines have never been proven.

When vaccines are administered at the direction of the CDC or NIH as part of public health policy,      PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES that manufacture vaccines

Listen to Michael Savage disclose the vaccine schedule for children today

for adverse reactions and thus have a huge profit motive to push vaccines, and the government (CDC & NIH) helps cover up those adverse reactions, to avoid paying claims and avoid bad publicity. The Government is responsible to pay claims for adverse reactions when the vaccines are part of US public health policy. The pharmaceuticals have a win/win racket.

Listen to PHD radio host Michael Savage discuss his views on vaccines today

has been eliminated in America, not by vaccine, but with better hygiene.

By the time vaccines were introduced in the 1950’s, viral epidemics had been all but eliminated, reduced 95+%, and many of those infected received the vaccines!!!

Vaccines should be optional, let parents and individuals decide!

Huge public schools make children more vulnerable to disease.
School reform addresses that also.

If you would like to learn more about the vaccine/pharmaceutical industry and the dangers of vaccines you can listen to a radio show I broadcast on this subject as Jack Justice from KXCL radio in Liberty.