Democrat voters are urged to self quarantine and practice extreme social distancing to protect society from N1H1, Swine & bird flu, Zika, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Chicken pox, parasites & other foreign pathogens, human trafficing, drugs & crime introduced by open borders,  sanctuary cities and states. In addition to these public health emergencies, promoting and teaching misinformation including, but not limited to, global cooling, correction, global warming, no, climate change, no, global warming again, promoting LGBTs to become a privileged protected minority class, gender dysphoria, & find any excuse to assault freedom, capitalism, and the American way of life, attacking free speech challenging their fake news lying press, calling it hate speech, & would have us living in fear, asking permission to breathe, unable to live our lives uninterupted by liberal rot. And these are the ones we’re supposed to believe and trust now. If the truth be known, as to the true number of infected, this Corona madness (a flu or cold virus) may be found to be barely, if at all, more lethal than the common flu which will run it’s course and be done, despite their efforts to prolong this idiocy, regardless, and in spite of, steps they have imposed on us. The CDC estimates the mortality rate for flu in America is 12,000-61,000 annually since 2010. There was no panic, or quarantines. These flu deaths were not being chronicled on the nightly news, whipping us into a frenzy of fear. This is what tyranny looks like, always justified for our own good, and the good of society. This is what our future will be, if we don’t take this country back. Of one thing I am certain, regardless of how bad Corona is, their solution for it will be far worse. Deception is their means for distraction, control the objective. The first mass deception of America in my lifetime was the Kennedy assassination, followed by the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. Every conflict we’ve engaged since Vietnam has been contrived. 9/11 was contrived.

Treachery is not one sided. I see little truth coming from Democrats. There are Republicans as bad, and because of their stealth, in some cases they’re worse, especially when it comes to Middle East conflicts launched by 9/11. We spent 19 yrs & trillions in Afghanistan for what? We restored opium as their chief export! How many incredible young men were killed or maimed there, including Pat Tilman. Our allies aren’t what we’ve been told. Israel & Saudi Arabia are racial theocratic regimes, where citizens are divided by race, and Christian evangelism is forbidden. These conflicts are the reason we have Moslem "no go" zones in America, and Europe has been over run. This was no accident. What’s happening is no accident. From whom & where is this going?

Donald Trump showed us the fake news lying media, also the deep state swamp in our Justice Dept., FBI, CIA, and State Dept. Why do we assume the CDC, NIH and FDA are clean? How did this country become addicted to perscription drugs? Under Obama, the NIH spent $400,000 at Johns Hopkins University studying the satisfaction level of black adolescent gay boy’s first penetrative sexual experience. Listen to Rush describe this. The Washington Free Beacon reported the NIH spent $1 million dollars on a gay hook up app. for adolescent black gay boys ages 14-17. Listen to Rush on this. Their plan is to demasculinize all America. Straight virile men have a natural disposition to defend their families and communities. To counter this and control America, men become their bitches, and must be neutered, feminized, psychologically castrated, infirmed,  disabled or drugged. The real epidemic in America is the unreported adverse reactions to vaccines. In 2017 I took my 95 yr old neighbor to her 6 month check up. She recieved a flu shot. Minutes after she got home she  began shaking, couldn’t walk and was rushed to the hospital. The vaccine nearly killed her. Drug companies have immunity for adverse reactions to their vaccines. Why is that? Nazi Joseph Goebbels would say, If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. I don’t trust media or gov’t. Trump has shown us not to. Doctors & media comparing this pandemic to the 1918 Spanish flu are misleading us. We have indoor plumbing, private transportation, better housing and better living conditions, but our kids are crammed into public schools. When it comes to our media and government, it is wise to be cynical.  We're Americans! We should never live in fear.  

I wrote this in March 2020 and am as certain now as I was then as to what this is. 94% of the reported COVID deaths have co-morbitity, meaning those victims were suffering from heart disease, COPD, cancer, ALS, diabetes, MS or some other debilitating condition. Flu deaths are almost unreported. At the same time the COVID death rate has been skyrocketing, deaths from these other diseases and conditions have fallen dramatically. The overall average morbidity, death rate in America is unchanged. This COVID19 madness is a fraud perpetrated on America to disrupt our election and control our population. For those who choose to live in fear, that is their right to do so. For those who choose to self quarantine and mask up, fine. But we're a free country, and individuals have the right to choose what steps they will take, and how to live their lives. For those who wish to impose their will on us, get over it, or move elsewhere.