I love nature shows. One network, BBC, has a show titled “Planet Earth”. This features life on planet Earth. Communities of penguins, seals, birds, herds and packs of mammals, fish, reptiles, insects etc. are all subjects of Planet Earth documentaries. In all these communities and with life on this planet, the first priority of life is survival. The second is procreation. The male and female of every specie has their natural roles, and accepts them. It’s amazing to see. The female is charged with child bearing and all that includes. The male is pursuing his part, and I admit it’s the easy part, and various roles that includes. Where the female is concerned, one universal role is the defense of, loyalty, and love for her offspring. A traditional natural comparison given to women is the role of the mother bear, who would go to any length to protect her cubs, most frequently from male bears. And, when you look at life on this planet, plant and animal life, and how incredible, and inspiring it is, anyone who presumes to think they’ve got creation, and life on this planet all figured out, who would believe this is all the result of a big bang, seeding from extra terrestrials, and evolution, and deny the existence of God, or divine power, I would say their ignorance is only exceeded by their arrogance.


So today what are females pursuing, and being taught in human society? Today women are doing just the opposite of what I believe is God’s plan for life. Unlike the mother bear, women are fighting for, and celebrating the right to abort their children. Women are taught they are just like men, with the same abilities and natural gifts men have, but even more so. Women are stronger, more intelligent, more emotionally, mentally and physically capable. The liberal view of heterosexual manhood, not homosexual, but heterosexual, has been so maligned, women are taught they would be better served to choose a same sex partner, and forgo childbearing. But worse, women are encouraged and celebrated for aborting their children. A traditional marriage with a husband and family is the worst choice a woman could make, way beneath her potential, and disloyal to womanhood. Mothers, and grandmothers are told they are old fashioned, and know nothing about life today, because times have changed. Times may have changed for humanity, but they haven’t changed for the rest of life on this planet.



Outside of the obvious physical differences, women have another special gift. Women have a natural affinity, love, and empathy for the weakest members of any society. It does’t matter if it’s seal pups, puppies, or babies. This empathy, compassion, and love for the weak and vulnerable, also make women incredible care givers. Women are prone to be sympathetic to those they perceive to be weakest in any society. Sometimes, women can be fooled into believing others are weak, vulnerable, and innocent, when just the opposite is true. The opposite being, that those they perceive as weak and innocent are the real predators. But for a woman to deny these natural gifts, empathy, caring and love, creates conflicts in women. This is why abortion is so devastating to women. If child bearing were given to men, there would be no children. But denying your special gift, your loving compassionate nature, is always conflicting. So let’s peel back the onion and see what’s really going on


I did a search of sexual predators in Gladstone and of 26 registered sex offenders, 25 were male. You’ll find a similar disparity with violent crime, and serial killers. It seems men do have problems, when it comes to violence, and sex. Not all men, but men without discipline, and boundaries are prone to incredible violence, and depravity. The truth is, the motivation that drives men, is totally different from what drives women.


It shouldn’t surprise you that men are disproportionate consumers of porn. It is a universal fact, that men who kill or abuse women and children to satisfy lust, fed their obsession with porn, prior to becoming predators. When porn no longer satisfies them, they seek a greater high, w/violence, abusing women and children. Addiction to porn, and seeking a greater high, is identical to the progression through drug addiction, and why gateway drugs are so dangerous. Not everyone who views porn will become a sex offender, and not every pot head will try meth, but every meth head smoked pot, and every sex offender is, or was, addicted to porn. They are extremely addictive and this is where it can lead. Progression through porn addiction begins with soft porn, but when soft porn no longer satisfies, the addict will look for something more exciting, which can lead to more explicit porn, violent porn, gay porn, child porn, or beastiality, and then, graduating from porn to sex offender. And once puberty hits an adolescent boy, he is extremely vulnerable to porn addiction! It’s dangerous, especially to our youth, and it’s everywhere! Porn is prostitution preserved in media, and directly encourages prostitution and sexual abuse. Our American culture has become pornofied. Gay Bi and Trans men, are proportionally the largest porn consumers.

Gay Bi & Transexual (GBT) Men

You believe GBT men are not driven the way straight men are. You think because they’re not looking at women, they are harmless to everyone else. Oh contrar, they are on the prowl for the vulnerable young, girls and especially boys. They’re no threat to confident men & women. They’re after younger, especially children, volunteering for youth activities, coaching, day care, scouts, teachers, counselors etc. It goes to the nature and anatomy of men. Statistically, women aren’t predators. If men aren’t looking for women, they’re looking elsewhere. Another point: An adult heterosexual relationship requires lots more work, commitment & responsibility. It’s way less encumbering to embrace the GBT lifestyle, & there’s lots more action. Promiscuity in the GBT community is off the charts. Don’t be fooled to believe an LGBT marriage is somehow equivalent to straight marriage. It is depraved, and the more it becomes legitimized, the more opportunities they have to seduce our children. And here is the really exciting secret GBT men aren’t telling you. Boys don’t tell. They’re too ashamed and embarrassed, and if they experience arousal, a natural male response, they’re confused and questioning their manhood. A child from a dysfunctional family with resentment toward the parents is much more likely to flip. The worst, are those who are conflicted. A child with loving devoted parents, who would aspire to emulate their parents, will be exremely conflicted. This can lead young victims to extreme depression, drug & alcohol abuse & suicide. This is the huge hidden unspoken contributing factor in our epidemic of depression, substance abuse & suicide. So instead of addressing the real problem, abuse has been legitimized, and kids are prescribed anti-depressants. Parents don’t understand what happened to their child. Some boys go on to lead double lives, appearing straight, but always seeking GBT opportunities. Single moms w/children are easy pickings.


Porn was introduced in the late 50’s and by 1967 was available in most filling stations. The wave of sexual predation in this country became public in the late 60’s with Ted Bundy. Then came a parade of sexual predators, Jeffry Dahmer, Gacy, Bradley, Corll, Couey, etc. etc. & every sexual predator fed their obsession with porn, before becoming predatorsThe other secret you won’t hear, is that these predators aren’t just men, well over 50+% are GBT men. The lying press tells us just the opposite. From “The Advocate”, an LGBT publication, “conservative estimates by social workers and psychologists pegging Coalinga’s population as 55 - 65% gay or bisexual, and 1% transgender.”. 801 California sex offenders have completed their sentences but judged unfit for release. They are child predators. 800 are men, and of these men, all confined at Coalinga, 55-65+% are GBT. Surprise, surprise!! And this is California. How bad would a GBT sex offender have to be?  So let’s do the math. If you assume GBT men represent 10% of the male population, with these numbers, statistically, GBT men are 13.5 times more likely to violate children than straight men! The Advocate called this a conservative estimate, & is likely even highter!!!!  If GBT men are 5% of the male population they would be double, or 27 times more likely to violate children. It only makes sense. Allowing GBT boys and leaders into the Boy Scouts has resulted in an epidemic of sexual abuse in scouting. Homosexuality in the Priesthood is why there is a problem with child predation in that Catholic church. Pope Benedict recognized this and was attempting to correct it, but it was so pervasive within the priesthood and especially the Vatican, he was forced to resign, and a more gay friendly Pope was elected, The black Pope, the first Jesuit Pope, Pope Francis.

As a result of porn, sexual predation of women and children was a growing problem in the 70’s & 80’s. President Reagan appointed a Presidential commission to study obscenity & predation, that concluded, underage boys are times more likely to be victims of sexual abuse than girls.


We finished mapping the human genome sequence 16 years ago and have never found a genetic marker for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, pedophile, beastiality etc. Children turn to these lifestyles as a result of grooming, and often their first sexual encounter becomes an imprinting, much like a duckling when it hatches and the first thing it sees is a dog. It thinks it’s a dog. But it’s much easier for the duck to believe it’s a dog if it is trained to believe that being a dog is lots more fun than being a duck. Why would it want to be a duck if it could be a dog. This is how easy it really is to recruit and seduce our children, especially boys, to alternative lifestyles. This is why fathers instinctively know, to keep their children away from GBT men, that mothers can miss, and why children from broken families are much more vulnerable to abuse.


It’s well established that pedophiles use a technique called grooming. It is a strategy to become familiar with family, and friends to earn their trust. The objective is to make it unbelievable to parents and friends that this person could actually violate a child. They say, “He wouldn’t do that”, and often the child blames him or herself, believing somehow the abuse had been a result of their unintended invitation. What’s taking place in America today is much more incideous. Today all America is being groomed. We are told how harmless and sweet the LGBT community is. Sitcoms all feature funny, harmless sweet LGBT characters. All programing, even advertising, are sympathetic to LGBT. Public schools have LGBT staff, and teachers, but it’s worse, public schools are teaching alternative sex ed, with school sponsored LGBT clubs, and now are pushing unisex bathrooms. Our courts have legitimized LGBT, and are advocating for them as a protected class, under the guise of anti-bullying. Our government is promoting and celebrating the LGBT community. Recently the National Institute of Health (NIH) spent $400,000 conducting a study at Johns Hopkins University, studying the satisfaction level of black adolescent gay boys first penetrative sexual experience. Listen to Rush Limbaugh describe this. We paid for this depravity, excused these predator men, and the boys were told, “Isn’t this wonderful!”. The Washington Free Beacon reported the NIH spent $1,000,000 on a mobile app for Black adolescent gay boys ages 14-17 to hook up with adult men. The NIH paid a science based technology company, Defusion Inc., to develop this app. Again, listen to Rush. This began under Obama, and gay marriage became the law of the land! He wasn’t your president after all. He was theirs! They used him to distract you, thinking you had an advocate, but they were after your children all along! They're after all our children. Our media, movies, entertainment, schools, courts and government are grooming all America. But it’s worse. We’re pushing this LGBT agenda on the world, promoting it through our state department, requiring it from trade partners & aid recipients, enforcing it with sanctions, and we question why there is resentment toward America? But it’s worse. Plastic bottles/packaging & many food additives are loaded with estrogen/estrogen mimickers, furthering confusion & feminization in young men and boys. So the assault on men is not just psychological, we’re being poisoned! This has become public health policy, at the FDA, CDC and NIH, and it’s no accident, it is deliberate, just as our current epidemic of prescription & illicit drugs is no accident.


It is a well established fact that children raised in an abusive household (of physical abuse) are much more likely to become abusers. This abuse becomes a learned behavior. Likewise, boys especially, who have been violated sexually, are more likely to become sexual abusers. The key is their acceptance of the abuse. If they don’t immediately reject it, but continue to permit it, and eventually become willing participants, the abuse has now come full circle, and they are much more likely to become abusers, as they have excused the abuse perpetrated on themselves. This is the circle of abuse prevalent in the LGBT community, and why legitimizing it is so dangerous. Once a boy accepts this lifestyle, he is no longer a victim, and much more likely to become a predator, because all too often, abuse is how it originated, and now it is a well entrenched learned behavior. But it’s worse than that. As is the nature of all sin, people want to share their depravity, whether it be drugs, porn or the abuse of children. Once they sign on, and justify it for themselves, they justify the same treatment for other children. They never consider their depravity wrong, and eagerly share it with other children, especially boys. It’s easy, because boys don’t tell! Another point: We’re constantly accused of hate, but the truth is, there is a silent seething hatred raging within the LGBT community, against traditional straight society, and this also is how they justify their abuse of our children & straight society.


Milo Yianapolos, gay editor of Brietbart News made this disclosure on an internet open forum discussing age of consent and gay relationships.

Milo: “The law is probably about right, that’s roughly probably the right age, I think it’s probably about OK, but there are certainly people who are capable of giving consent at a younger age. I certainly consider myself to be one of them, people who are sexualy active younger. I think it particularly happens in the gay world by the way, and in many cases actually, those relationships with older men. This is one of the reasons I hate the left. They have this stupid one size fits all policing of culture. This arbitrary and oppressive idea of consent which totally destroys the understanding that many of us have of the complexities and subtleties and complicated nature of many relationships. You know people are messian complex, and in the homosexual world particularly, some of those relationships between younger boys and older men, the sort of coming of age relationships, The relationships in which those older men have helped those young boys to discover who they are, and give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable rock, where they can’t speak to their parents.” (perfect example: boys don’t tell) Listen to Milo and hear this conversation for yourself

Interviewer “Sounds like Catholic priest molestation to me”

Milo: “You know what, I’m greatful to Father Michael. I wouldn’t give nearly such good head if it wasn’t for him.” You can hear this podcast of Milo on my website, sellingtruth.net.

This illustrates how pedophilia & GBT men are inextricably linked. They conflate child abuse w/love, unapologetic, eager to share their depravity, and we’ve given them our children, and our schools. Good teachers & union members sign on to depravity, when they join unions, and reject school choice. Unions absolutely promote the LGBT agenda. We’re vilified if we object. Girls, these are your GBT guy friends. I’m sympathetic to how they were seduced to the lifestyle, but once they’ve signed on, we need to understand they are no longer innocent & more likely disposed to sexual predation. Not all GBT men are predators, but all know what’s happening, and none speak out. Even those that don’t abuse children, are sympathetic and complicit by their silence. We‘ve been victims of the lie of omission, but worse, it’s being promoted in our schools, media, entertainment, unions, courts and gov’t, deliberately putting our children at risk. Drug abuse is also epidemic in the GBT community, and is just another tool used to seduce children. We’ve been so decieved. Cannabis anyone?

So girls, how do your GBT guy friends feel about you? Behind your backs they have a special term of endearment foryou, “Fag Hag”. Another tragedy: They are always seeking the most attractive, fit and talented young men and boys. Boys with whom, as young men, you may have desired to have a genuine loving relationship, but now they’re lost, stolen in their youth, before you had an opportunity to know them.


I don’t blame women so much for choosing alternative lifestyles. If there were more honorable real men, they wouldn’t. If women weren’t disappointed and disgusted with men, victims of incest or abused by trusted men, they wouldn’t. For women seeking a faithful devoted husband, it’s slim pickings. In a liberated depraved society, the weakest members of that society will become victims, and same sex relationships won’t save you. Those victims will be women, and more likely, your girls, and especially your boys. But women, with dispositions of animus toward men, for whatever reason, can definitely affect the orientation of their children, and their prospects for a happy, full and meaningful life, and this is why this societal assault on manhood needs to stop, and why God’s plan for life, for both sexes, is so critical.


In spite of men’s hyper sex drive, aggression, & testosterone driven competitive nature, w/discipline, faith, & pursuing God’s plan for life, there is almost no limit to what men can accomplish. Men have another special gift. Men are incredible problem solvers. 95+% of US patents are issued to men. This drive to solve problems also drives men to correct injustice. Good men are willing to charge into certain death when defending a righteous cause. The real tragedy is that our best heroic fine young men will go off to defend what they believe is a righteous cause, but in truth, they’re defending evil. We have been propagandized to believe lies, but worse. We have been lied to, duped into every conflict since Vietnam. Grenada may be one exception. GBT men aren’t serving in special forces, but have infected our military ranks & JAG corps. Our military is suffering an epidemic of sexual assault. Our Jewish and Saudi allies aren’t what we’ve been told. Israel and their covert citizens in every nation, are as they describe themselves, “One Nation”, with wealth exceeding any nation! They can support & fight for themselves. WE SHOULD NEVER SUPPORT THEOCRACY!, but the worst, is RACIAL THEOCRACY! With their vast media holdings, THEY DOMINATE PORNand are huge LGBT advocates. THEY are the impetus driving drug legalization, & this insane LGBT obsession, justifying it w/the false premise LGBT are a persecuted minority, the same way they justify themselves. It’s no accident pedophile liaison procurers, Jeff Epstein, Jimmie Savile, Robert Maxwell and daughter Ghislaine, were/are Jewish, w/deep ties to ISRAEL at the highest levels!! Iceberg tip? Deep state, Impeachment, Russiagate, Caravans, Election meddling, Vote fraud, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, La Raza, AIPAC, JCPA, Sedition? Porn has given us a culture of degeneracy & treachery. The key is whether men accept God’s plan for life. So Christ came, and women and children were no longer considered possessions, and sexual objects. Prostituting them was unacceptable, and through Christ, men were commanded to respect, honor and to love their wives! Christ did that for you, and your children! You should also be thankful for Mary, his loving, fearless and faithful mother, that brought him to us. 

As a young construction worker at Jeff City State Penn, we worked in an area with prisoners. As a result, they would tell me about their crimes. This little gay guy told me how he murdered his rival without remorse. What amazed me is that not one prisoner expressed remorse. They all rationalized and justified their crimes. This is when I realized, this is just the nature of man. We rationalize and justify the immoral, self destructive, and stupid choices we make. They become emotional baggage, burdens we carry through life, often with self righteous indignation, self loathing or self pity. We become slaves to our sin. The greater the sin, the heavier it is to bear, the more enslaved we become. Living an alternative lifestyle is no different, but their burden is great, because the weight of their sin is so great. They rationalize and justify their sin, but worse, lead others to follow, inciting depravity, promiscuity, drug & sexual abuse, and social revolution, deciding who has rights, to live & who should die. Men given to depravity, are given to treachery. But Christ freely gave his life, even for you, & by forgiving our sins and dying on the cross, Christ lifted that weight from us, giving us new life, even for the most foul & depraved, & all who come to him with a repentant heart. Jesus Christ showed us God’s plan for life. He instructed us to love one another, but that we should never conflate love with depravity. Through Christ, we can have new purpose, new everlasting life, and the joy, and love we are seeking. 

Jesus Christ showed us the way,

Christ told us, “The Truth shall set you free.”

The truth they’re hiding from us. The REAL HARD TRUTH!