Education Reform


Many parents choose to send their kids to private schools that support their values. Education is the most important way we can level the playing field and grant opportunity to our most vulnerable kids. 

Failing public schools are holding our kids back! and instead of being educated and taught how to think logically and critically, our kids are being indoctrinated and told what to think, group think, divided by race, gender (and there are many) and class and turned into liberal young political activists. Young vulnerable students are being poisoned by liberal indoctrination in public schools and universities.

          Why can’t we offer our kids the same opportunities, privileged kids have!

As a result of school shootings, drugs, and other problems, parents are ringing
their hands, afraid to send their kids to public schools.

Listen to Rush Limbaugh describe what the Department of Education has planned for public schools

A. We are spending in excess of $13,000 per student in the NKC School district (even more in urban districts) and this figure includes elementary and middle schools where there are no expenditures for football, basketball, and extra curricular off campus activities. If we proposed redirecting those funds to let parents choose the school of their choice,

Rush tells about white privilege being taught in grade school

Rush on transgenderism being taugh in grade school

Before private schools can be opened, public schools will respond, seeing private education in their rear view mirror, and the competition it will bring.

Listen to Rush describe how school administrators and staff are influencing your children today

B. Problems in public education:

1. School shootings, there have been threats to the NKC schools
2. Drugs: Meth, Pot, Heroin and prescription drug abuse.
3. Dismal and poor education, especially in science, math and reading, not to mention liberal political indocrination in the social sciences.
4. The mere size of public schools today creates problems, especially for kids with special needs. Kids slip through the cracks. There is nothing more isolating than to be without friends among a 3,000+ student body.
5. Public school ALTERNATIVE SEX ED with LGBTQ ETC.ETC. CLUBS AND STAFF w/faculty and school district support. For some parents this may be just fine, but many parents & kids object and would prefer a more traditional education, but don't dare challenge it, and don't have the funds to pay for a private education. Oak Park High School recently had a transgender homecoming queen! This year the North Kansas City School District is installing transgender bathrooms in their schools.

The North Kansas City School district just opened a brand new elementary school "Rising Hill Elementary" with unisex bathrooms for boys and girls to use the same bathroom. Northgate Junior High is doing the same thing, and this is the direction public schools are going. So when your little kindergardener has to excuse herself during class to use the bathroom she might encounter a 12 or 13 year old boy who's been watching internet porn after school. The last thing kids need, at a time when they are young and flooded with hormones is gender confusion being taught by public schools, or to be made more vulnerable to predators.

Rush describes alternative sex ed being taught in public schools

Rush: public schools teaching depravity & white privilege

Michael Savage tells us where depravity leads and coming to America soon

Michael Savage exposes academia promoting pedophilia

6.  Most teachers object to the liberal curiculum and indoctrination. Many are parents themselves, but they don't dare question it for fear of loosing their jobs. The administration and staff keep teachers in line.  As much as good teachers try, all it takes is one bad teacher or administrator to ruin all their good work and teacher unions make it impossible to replace the bad ones.

School REFORM addresses each of these!

Rush describes education conference focused on White Privilege

Public schools HAVE excelled in high school sports!!!

and for one reason, competition. Also athletes have to maintain minimum grade point averages, stay out of trouble and be drug and alcohol free. School districts blame parents for their failures in the classroom, but coaches routinely take kids from difficult situations that accel as a result of their involvement in high school sports.

The truth is coaches and teachers are parental figures to their kids, and while these kids are in their charge they are the parent! As a former coach I routinely picked up some of my athletes and took them to practice, and occasionally had to drag them behind the gym for a stern talking to before or during practice. They expected me to lay down the law and establish order during practice.

Coaches justify their salary every time their kids take the field, often under difficult circumstances. The school districts and some teachers have thrown up their hands, and all they have to offer is excuses for their failures, and demands for more money.

Academically, public schools have no competition and are failing their students. School choice will force public schools to compete for those students and they’ll have to make the case to parents that their kids will get the best education at public schools. Parents want their children to succeed and to prosper as adults. School choice will force public schools to compete for those students, and students will benefit.

Public educators, teachers unions and administrators will fight reform,

They have been unaccountable, and they want to keep it that way, but for our kids sake, it is absolutely necessary.

We have to take our schools back, and quit accepting excuses from the education establishment. Schools should support the values parents wish to instill in their children, instead of challenging and undermining those values. If schools don’t support the parents, parents should be able to choose a school that does, and I trust parents before I trust school administrators.



The one size fits all public education model isn't working. Imagine if you had only one choice for your transportation, one make and model of automobile. How good would it be? How about only one chain of grocery stores? But they have a really good produce! That's the argument public schools make. They have really good produce. Competition from multiple grocery stores will show us just how good a produce section can be, and competition from multiple schools all competing for students will show us just how good education can be. Schools competing for students just like grocery stores competing for customers and then we'll see how good it can get, and the consumers can decide what's best for them, not government bureaucrats and school district administrators.