Islam & Judaism religious minorities



We rejected theocracy. So “religion” that prescribes theocracy shouldn’t qualify. Theocracy seeks to replace police & judges, w/clerics. Every American citizen deserve the protection of our civil authorities, police & judges and Constitutional rights. 


Islam promotes theocracy, denies womens rights, free speech, is punitive toward non-Moslem, seeking an Islamic state, & is a political movement masquerading as religion.

How about combining church, state and race?

        Nation of Islam

This rejects our founding principle, “That all men are created equal”. Any religion advocating race, is by definition, adverse to other races, and is thus: racial supremacist!


To understand Judaism, it is necessary to understand religions of antiquity. They were nearly all race specific, considering other races inferior, seeking racial supremacy as a matter of religious doctrine, seeking racial theocracy. Considering ancient religions were centered on race & racial supremacy, what you had was a perfect recipe for conflict & hate. Each trying to dominate, subjugate and exterminate other races. Racial supremacy is a scourge on mankind. Societies were abhorent in Biblical times. In Caanan, Bael worship included child sacrifice by fire. Sorcery & magic were revered in Egypt. Duplicity, treachery & extreme debauchery were mainstays of Babylonian culture. Witchcraft, & occult rituals were widespread. As the Hebrew tribes, especially Judah, moved into these areas, being conquered, occupied, & carrried into captivity, they would adapt, & adopt these practices (ie:everywhere in the Bible), which eventually would become their new holy texts, the Talmud. Unfaithful & rebellious, they renounced the true faith of Abraham, crafting a new religion: Faith in themselves. Their objective: Thrive and gain advantage. By Christ’s time, they had become the Synagogue of Satan, w/one rule: The ends justify the means, adverse to the rule of law, fair play & competition, seeking advantage by any means. For religion advocating race, and a pure racial state, politics is the religion, and racial supremacy the objective. Being a minority is never justification for racism, but this is the justification Jews claim, and why Jews promote racism in minorities, because it hides & justifies their racist ideology.

After Isreal split, followed by Judea’s eventual destruction & dispersion, they sought to re-establish their influence, wealth & privilege using Talmudic principles. Talmudic Judaism is pure racist satanic adversarial wickedness.  This is why this tiny minority has been so vilified! Their satanic strategy is to recruit surrogates to implement their maniacal revolutionary plans, & as scape goats, like human shields, to hide their sedition, so that where there is conflict, fear & panic, they are near by, organizing, providing support, & egging it on! Their slogan you’ll hear them teaching surrogate revolutionaries is:By Any Means Necessary”.  This is why they’re directing ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, & Race Riots! They’re also directing  LaRaza! Deep state! Russiagate! Impeachment! Election Meddling! Voter Fraud! Ukraine! Caravans! & fake pandemic: COVID-19!

To recruit surrogates, they target minorities and youth w/education, teaching pride, envy, victimology(race & gender studies), white privilege, w/drugs, and their favorite: LGBT seduction. Hear Rush describe this. Recruiting others w/bribery, blackmail, extortion, & Secret Societies, especially Free Masonry. They’re the impetus driving this insane LGBT obsession, justifying LGBTs as a persecuted minority, the same way they justify themselves. Hear Rush Limbaugh describes some of this. Their biggest obstacle is straight righteous virile men. Men are naturally disposed to defend their families and communities. To counter this, manhood is assailed, especially black men & boys. Sports are politicized & disparaged. They are attempting to do to sports what they've done to the military, putting women in combat roles and with open homosexuality. They celebrated defensive end Michael Sam from the University of Missouri when he publicly came out and entered the NFL draft. They love to place football players in ads ridiculing their manhood. Men become their bitches, & must be demasculinized, feminized, neutered, ridiculed, drugged, "VAXXED", infirmed or enlisted w/many becoming surrogates, in gov’t, media, unions, sports, education, universities w/tenure, & with military & police as scapegoats & surrogates, especially leadership. Recruiting youth to LGBTs wins virulent anti-Christian allies & worse. Anal sex & IV drugs transmit the world’s most virulent deadly virus, HIV/AIDS. Yet it’s promoted, & they pass out needles! No quarantine, contact tracing or vaccines. Why the double standard? It serves their agenda! Dr. Fauci supports online hookups & prostitution on lockdown. Protesters & rioters are justified & celebrated. It’s no accident that Jewish Pedophile liaison procurers Jeff Epstein, Jimmy Savile, & Ghislaine Maxwell targeted politicians, and had deep high level Israeli ties.  They identify depraved and corrupt individuals & politicians and then used their money, influence and super PACs to promote these scum individuals to higher political office where they can now be controlled and manipulated. This is how they control both parties, and why President Trump has so much trouble finding honest candidates to promote in his administration. This is their swamp, and why everything they touch is dirty.

Everywhere, they incite conflict, panic & fear, class, race & gender division, vice, prostitution, porn, drugs, ABORTION, LGBT marriage, PEDOPHILIA, open borders, Moslem immigration (disruptive/never assimilates), & WARS! They incite conflict & wars by proxy, through surrogates, then use refugees to displace native populations and cultures. This is their strategy to expand Israel, and how THEY have flooded Europe with Moslem refugees. Every action in the Middle East has been instigated, &/or at the request, approval & direction of Israel. We are just ONE OF THEIR PROXIES! Right of return makes Jews, Israel first/American dual citizens with 80 polling station in the United States for their last election. AIPAC has nearly every member of congress in both parties signing pledges to Israel. It should be illegal for any elected official, public servant, or military to sign a pledge to support any foreign nation. Michael Savage describes this paradox. No one of dual citizenship should be permitted in any public capacity, including our justice system, public health, education or media. Hear Steve Gutow, president of the JCPA (Jewish Council for Political Affairs) describe the real political aspirations of the Jewish "faith" which is really a political movement masquerading as a religion advocating race and state.

Hear Israel news describe their aspirations for Jews in America. They are "One Nation" where ever they reside.

Domestically, they work to subvert & gain advantage through the courts, all branches of gov’t, including the CDC, NIH & FDA, & gain control over communications, press & media, censoring truth, reporting fake news & fake science w/false narratives, inciting conflict, & fear, discouraging the majority, thinking hope is lost for the nation & culture we love, unable to comprehend their assault from within, and unlawful to identify. But worse, ads & prime time shows are adverse to Christianity, featuring LGBTs, effeminate boys & young men, lesbians & transexuals. Children’s shows feature sorcery, the occult, LGBTs & effeminate male characters. News shows feature positive stories on drug legalization. No mention of adverse effects, homeless epidemic, crime, mental illness, cognitive impairment & traffic fatalities. We’ve been subjected to psychological, economic, biological, chemical & cultural warfare from Talmudic Masonic seditious enemies within, seeking to control, impoverish, infirm, depopulate, & impose their New World Order. Who benefits in the new info, internet & home delivery economy w/the loss of local brick & mortar stores? They do, and it gives them more control.

Money is key to their meshuga sociopathy. Creating & controlling it, buying politicians, & financing their cultural assaults. They used the McCain Feingold election reform bill to create super PACs, which they've used to control politicians in both parties, to continue our allegiance to Israel, and pomote their political agenda. THEY PROMOTE INSANE DEBT to enrich themselves w/usury, bankrupting nations, & then steal public & private assets for pennies on the dollar, as they did w/the collapse of the USSR. This is their plan for us!!! They bankrupted and broke up the Soviet Union and stole their assets. It's no accident all the Russian oligarchs are Jewish. That was their plan all along, and as they destroy this country and states break away, i.e. California, New York, Washington state etc. the conservative middle states will be landlocked. They will own the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and seaports along with most of our industries. The great reset will destroy private and public assets and industry, and when it returns, they will own it all. Our only hope it to recognize what's happening, and who's driving all of this. 

This ideology is obscene, believing God has ordained their assault on humanity. They’ve duped Christians to believe they’re God’s chosen race! We’re not chosen by race, but by faith! For this nation, concieved in liberty & dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, that rejects theocracy, to justify this depravity, giving it religious privilege, making Israel our closest ally, is the single highest threat to freedom and world peace. They're allied w/China, and incite war with Russia, Iran, Syria, & Venezuela, while hiding their duplicity & sedition.

This is the sick racist, adversarial wickedness Jesus Christ rejected. They are the adversary of Christ & mankind. Judaism today bears only superficial resemblance to the Old Testament, but instead, relies on the Talmud. Talmudic Judaism gave us Communism, and has caused well over 15 fold the death & destruction of Nazism, but racial supremacy is indefensible. In spite of all this, by only accepting Christ’s love & forgiveness, they are absolved, and can be the blessing God intended, but still today, they choose Barabas. This is what's destroying this country, and how we've been poisoned.

Jesus Christ told us  “The Truth shall set you free”

The TRUTH THEY are hiding from us!

THE HARD TRUTH that finally makes SENSE!