My second marriage

My wife was a very good hospital lab tech working for a temporary service, and once commented that she thought that would be a good business. I thought about it and decided I liked the idea and came up with the name KC Med Temps and got a phone number I liked 816-221-0404. I didn't do anything with it for several months until an opportunity came. She was working for an outsource lab, Roche Biomedical as a temporary for Omega Temps. Then one day she came home and told me that Omega Temps was bankrupt and closing their doors. I told her tomorrow you are going to work for KC Med Temps. We designed a logo, cards and paperwork that night from some of the paperwork she had from Omega Temps and the next day she went into Roche and told them, KC Med Temps was her new temporary service employer and gave them my card as her new boss. She had worked for many different hospitals as a temporary, so I went to each of these hospitals and solicited their labs for temporary work. She knew lots of med techs and soon we had a viable business running KC Med Temps. We expanded to X-ray techs and then to medical assistants. It was fun work and I continued doing real estate and was torn between the two businesses. I had just started Old American Real Estate and didn't want to give it up. After three years with two more children she wanted to stay home and not work, so she invited an old boy friend, Dave Kline,  who had been in pharmaceutical sales in Cleveland Ohio to move back to join our business and gave him 50% of the business. She agreed to help and train him for 8 months. I would be free to concentrate on my real estate business. Within a couple months She was not happy working with Dave, and soon she had a huge animus for Dave. She didn't want to work with him or talk to him. She hated him. We decided that either he would have to buy us out or we would buy him out in order to end this relationship. As it turned out, another temporary service from Pheonix AZ was looking to expand into Kansas City and they came in and bought us out and we split the proceeds. My wife became a stay at home mom for a while, not happy she wanted to go work for the kids school as the school secretary. We were sending the kids to a fairly expensive private school in Johnson County, but in 2001 real estate took a huge downturn after 9/11. By this time the kids were in school and I wanted her to go back to her profession as a med tech where she was well paid.

This marriage ended with a very long drawn out toxic divorce in 2008.  And yes I did have money problems during the second term of the Bush administration. The economy was not good. Bush passed TARP, and also another bailout bill and real estate was in the tank. With the extra expenses dealing with the divorce I was fighting to make ends meet. As things got worse I delivered Pizza in the evenings for extra money, worked nights as a black jack dealer at Argosy Casino, I tried selling funeral insurance policies for a year, and also working for ADT, but finally came back to what I knew, foundation repair that I had learned while I was in real estate. The realtors all knew me and by then were needing someone to work on their homes under contract to get them closed to satisfy inspection requirements, or to get their homes ready to list. I thought I was getting too old for this type of work, but I guess I wasn't. I feel like I'm getting younger every day. Hard work will either kill you or make you stronger.