Recent Criticism by my Children, the KC Star etc.


I knew my candidacy would be controversial. I see no other way than to be honest on my views and intentions. Most candidates speak in vague terms without well defined positions. They deliberately mislead voters. However, I didn’t expect the attention and animous focused on my race.  This defeat hasn’t shaken my resolve, my faith, or love for America. It has prepared me for the next round. 


This is a result of a toxic divorce, & an increasingly toxic culture, aimed at restricting free speech, by calling it hate speech. This was a strategy used by Communists in the USSR. They would celebrate, and encourage children to turn in their parents for thought crimes against the state. Anyone who would challenge state positions would be subject to persecution and hate. State schools are used this way, to keep parents from challenging state positions. This also is why I promote school choice.  

     My two younger children, in their mid and early 20s, live with their mom. My son came to live with me in 2011, when we went to Denver, to pick up my nephew, a heroine addict. He had been arrested, and called after three fellow addicts gave him a flier I passed out on the streets of Denver a month earlier, inviting him to Kansas City to work with my son and I. The police told me they would drop all charges if I would take him to Kansas City, and not bring him back. We worked and lived together for a couple years. He is doing great now, working, & married, with two kids in Nebraska. My son continued to work and live with me. He opposed my run for political office. When I won the primary and all the social & media assaults came, he moved back to his mom's. Young people are much more sensitive to social media, and group think. My ex & I have no contact, but many fathers, and some women can probably relate to what's happened with my divorce and children. 

      How many of you who are still married, have had your hopes and dreams for your kids and grandkids dashed by addictions, or when your child came home to introduce you to their same sex, trans-sex, or poly-amorous partners, or lost them to liberal idiocy taught in public schools and universities. Consider our former First Couple, Ronald and Nancy Reagan. I consider Ronald Reagan one of our nations 4 or 5 greatest Presidents, but their two children, Patti Davis and Ron Jr. were and are, antithetical to everything Ronald Reagan believed and fought for. Thank God, President Reagan remained steadfast in his convictions.


So the Connecticut state high school athletic association recently allowed two transgender guys to compete in the girls’ state track & field championships. They swept every race, and now the real girls are upset.

My opponent was and is, as are most Democrat politicians, pro-abortion, gay marriage, GAY ADOPTION, drug legalization, OPEN BORDERS, LGBT clubs and UNISEX BATHROOMS in public schools. They support pornography as free speech, but consider conservatism hate speech. They separate Americans by race, then label everyone but themselves, as racist. Most don’t know what it’s like to work 40 hours a week, much less, for a lifetime. Hard working union & nonunion men and women with traditional values aren’t represented, and are duped into voting Democrat.    

   So this is what we’re really getting.



Today, there is an unspoken bias against traditional manhood, and womenhood,  favoring alternative sex LGBT values, and honestly, gender and mental dysphoria. This is what public schools are teaching kids today. Traditional Christian values are under assault, in our culture, media and EDUCATION. Deviancy has been defined down. I reject the term toxic masculinity, but consider toxic alternative sexuality the real problem, of which porn is a contributing factor.   

   Christian values are encoded in our founding documents, and are under assault today. I consider it treasonous.


I want to focus on porn, especially internet porn, and what it's doing to our culture, especially young & adolescent boys and girls, how it is so addictive, and what else that leads to. It destroys marriages, leads to a culture of abuse, obsession, substance abuse and alternative sexual orientations. Sexual predation begins with porn, and escalates from there. I will focus on education reform. Not just LGBT clubs, unisex bathrooms and anti-Christian bias, but school shootings, drugs and the size of these facilities, leaning toward huge high security institutions, separating children from parents. I trust parents to decide what’s best for their child much more than I trust gov’t or school administrators. Finally, look at your property tax bill, and see where it’s going. Ask, what are we getting? Republicans all support education, but never propose real change.


I recognize that a religion which as a primary tenant, calls for theocracy, seeking the power of the state for clerics to preside over our courts & police the citizenry, is no religion at all, but a political movement, mascarading as religion. So, I'm not trying to make friends with politically correct speech. But if you think Republicans/Democrats are going to be our salvation for America, then you’ve been duped. I’ll just call it the way I see it. I"m a threat to both parties, especially those funding both parties. If you wonder why the wall isn't built, consider  who  is  funding  and  buying politicians with their super pac ads. I’m sick of these super pacs funded by billionaires buying Missouri politicians. Most are dual citizens, and I question their  loyalty. McCain-Feingold created this, and it needs to be repealed. Republicans won’t dare go there.  



I am absolutely not anti-semitic, or prejudiced against any race. Regarding my radio show and comments I've made. I subscribe to our Declaration of Independence "We hold these truths to be self evident, that: 



We don't segregate people by race in America. At least we shouldn’t. I support our constitution that "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion" that: 

This country rejects


Any “religion” attempting to combine church and state, should not qualify as religion. Theocracy is the height of religous intolerance. And the third founding principle is Free Speech. These founding principles I hold 100%. We should expect these principles from our allies. Our Western allies, Australia, Canada, and European hold these principles, but our Middle East allies are antithetical to these,

Israel is a THEOCRACY 

established to serve 


Those who don't follow Judaism or belong to the privileged race, are maligned persecuted goy second class citizens. Saudi Arabia is a theocracy, w/no free speech  or womens rights.

I reject: THEOCRACY, 

& any nation/ideology 

that promotes 




prohibits FREE SPEECH,

as a matter of PRINCIPLE!

Yet we are trying to topple Syria and remove Basher Assad, a secular leader who protects his religious and ethnic minorities, where women have all the rights as Western women, and many Christians serve in his armed forces. Syria comes closer to these founding principles than any Middle East nation. 

Israel has the weapons and resources to fight their own wars now, 

Israel would make peace

 with their neighbors if we would quit sponsoring


Israel is armed to the teeth, and has shown no self-restraint in using their weapons. Today, no one will pick a fight with Israel, including Syria and Iran. Not only that, Israel has nuclear weapons and refuses to admit, or sign the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. It is absurd to think Iran would attack Israel today. The threat to Israel from Iran and Syria has been fabricated to justify our continued involvement. But if the cost of all these Middle East wars in money, lives and broken lives is not enough, consider this: We are subsidizing Israel at an annual cost of $30,000/person including Gaza & the West Bank. We pay for their walls, but in America they promote open borders and caravans, and oppose our wall. Why? America is not their country. Israel is. To them every other nation is just a temporary port, to plunder, and leave in ruin. $30,000/person is plunder. The national debt, and borders overrun by illegals, will be our ruin. Listen to the JCPA describe their intentions for America.

Israel and their co-religionists around the world are:

   As they describe themselves 

"One Nation"


Eagerly spending our money 

while hoarding theirs.

It's time they support themselves & fight for themselves. 

But if you look at all we do for Israel, fighting their wars and subsidizing them, Israel refuses to have an extradition treaty with any nation, so Interpol has no jurisdiction there. Israel is a safe harbor for Jewish criminals, and organized crime. They preach justice, fairness, equality and accountability with their nonprofits, the ACLU, ADL, SPLC etc. and accuse the rest of the world of racial supremacy, calling them Nazis and white supremacists, when the real home for racial supremacy and religious intolerance is Israel and Judasim.  On extradition, they routinely hunt down Nazi war criminals, which America and most nations dutifully hand over, but refuse to hold themselves accountable for their crimes. There is no justice, fairness, equality or accountability for the goy in Israel, or those outside Israel seeking justice. For Israel, laws don’t apply. It is a rogue criminal state. There is no reciprocity. It is only about what others can do for them, and they slander, and judge, everyone, except themselves.


Alepo is where ISIS was attempting  to genocide the Christian Armenians. These are the descendants of the survivors of the Ottoman Turk Christian Armenian Genocide of WWI. This town in Syria is where they found refuge, escaped the genocide, and have flourished, was under assault, and neither Israel, or the US, would come to their defense. So, I ask, why didn't we come to their defense? The answer: ISIS is not who we’ve been told. ISIS is a proxy Jewish/Saudi army attempting to remove Basher Assad. This is not a civil war. They come from everywhere, except Syria. Thank God, Russia stepped up to stop it. There are videos of Jews embedded with ISIS promoting this war. Israel has an objective, to unseat Basher Assad because of the Golan Heights, and is promoting lies about Syria, to justify our continuing involvement. They are using us to further their designs for expansion: The annexation of the Golan Heights, Lebanon and the occupied territories. That is their objective! It is comparable to Germany’s annexation of Austria before WWII, but this time we’re on the wrong side. 

Yitzak Rabin, 

Before he was assassinated was attempting to make peace with Syria, which would have returned the Golan Heights to Syria. However, since that time, Israel discovered the largest oil and natural gas reserve in the Middle East in the Golan Heights, and is not about to give it back now. Israel has allied with Saudi Arabia, to build a natural gas pipeline from the tip of Saudi Arabia through Jordan, Syria, Turkey, and across the Dardenel Straights into Europe. The Syrian Pipeline, look it up!  This is why Israel has to remove Basher Assad.

So Why Are We There?

This is why, we, the United States have been fighting, are hell bent on removing Basher Assad and fighting Iran. It’s all for Israel, oil in the Golan Heights, and Israel's plans for expansion. Just look how they've expanded into Palestinian territory from the original map of Israel. This has always been their intention. The truth about what's taking place needs to be told. Israel, some higher ups in our military & both parties are pushing for more conflict. 

I fear where this will lead.


I do believe in Bible prophecy. The final result will be that Jews, and Israel will come to Christ. But, as for these battles, Apocolypse, Gog and Magog, Armagedon, yeah, those little coming events, I would just prefer to leave us out. Wouldn't it be beautiful, if we could lead Israel, and the Jews to Christ, and avoid the mayhem. But Christians mistakenly believe these are God’s chosen people. Nothing could be further from the truth. These are the tiny remnant of one tribe, Judah, that rejected Christ, are adverse to Christianity, are no religion, but are a foul racist political movement, claiming the entire inheritance, promised to the decendents of Abraham and Jacob, (the twelve Hebrew tribes). The New Testament tells us over and over who they are, “Of their father the Devil” and, “The Synagogue of Satan”. Look it up! They are today as they were in Christ’s time when they placed a mocking sign above the cross, still seeking a political king, to lead them to world dominance and the subjugation of mankind. They chose Barabas, and still today they choose Barabas, a criminal inciting discord & revolution, over a peaceful lawfull society, where man can live in harmony. By deception they have duped America, as they pursue what they believe is their God given right & destiny, to rule the world, and by any means, because for them,  the ends justify the means. This is what Judaism is. Of all people, Christians should recognize we are facing the same adversaries Christ faced, but today Christians,  and most pastors, are in willfull denial.


What have we accomplished with 17 YEARS OF WAR?

In Afghanistan, the poppy fields were growing produce! Heroine was not flowing into Europe and America from Afghanistan. Today Afghanistan is no longer growing produce, heroine is their main export, and it is still a brutal Islamic regime. Iraq has now been looted, destroyed, and is in chaos, not to mention the victims, death, and suffering we caused. In all these conflicts, communities of Christians suffer most. These conflicts began Moslem immigration, and are the reason Moslem refugees have flooded America, Europe, Canada and Australia! Islamic countries, and Israel won’t take them. Flooding the Christian West with Moslem refugees has been their objective all along, knowing there was no place else for them to go, and  they would never assimilate. Why? To create conflict, to justify our continuing support in defense of Israel. Look what we did to Muammmar Gaddafi, Libya, Benghazi and the refugees that conflict created. Our involvement in these conflicts has been: 





When it comes to our servicemen and women, these incredible selfless patriots, how could we let them be sacrificed for something without noblity, honor & goodness. We are fighting & defending evil in the Middle East, few Americans understand. We've been propagandized to support these wars. But I have absolute faith in America, and our military, that once the truth be known, we will do what’s right.     

So now you know why I’ve been slandered. They can’t allow these discussions to take place. But there is something else regarding my little race. The Republican establishment vilified me. Republican voters’ error is to believe that deep state corruption is strictly a Democrat phenomena. Today Republicans are proposing hate speech legislation against any who would question our alliance with Israel and thus be labeled anti-semitic. But what hate legislation really does, is justify and encourage hate, against those who would challenge state positions. So liberal hate legislation defending minorities, Feminists, and LGBT advocates, justifies and encourages hate from ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, La Raza, Code Pink, and Me Too. So when these inspire attacks on police and white men, those crimes are justified and marginalized, but the slightest infraction on the protected class is magnified. Neocon Republican hate legislation advocating Israel encourages hate toward those who would question our alliance with Israel. You question that, and you’ll get hated! Those directing the hate, the authors and provacateurs inciting hate in America, AND FUNDING IT! are almost exclusively Jewish, with a sick acrimonious ideology of racial supremacy and anti-Christian religious intolerance. This is the reason they defend and promote Islam! Promoting hate, justifies their own hate and intolerance, hiding it behind a smokescreen of hate, libel, and slander, sowing dissention, disrupting civil society. Fortunately, some have accepted Christ, and become part of God’s blessing to Abraham, but  they are the exception. This is the hard truth, because sometimes the truth hurts. But this is not hate, this is love, because, as Christ said, 

“Ye shall know the truth, 

and the truth shall set you free.”

So now you know who’s driving this. This has been orchestrated, is a deliberate treasonous assault, and is a fight for freedom and our survival.  

Sun Tsu in the “Art of War” taught us the first rule of war is to know thine enemy. Jewish radio host Michael Savege tells us “If you can’t identify your enemies, how can you hope to defeat them?” With their control of  our media, Hollywood, and education, we’ve been conditioned to look away and accept their false narratives.

  Finally, working construction in my youth at Jeff City State Penitentiary, we worked in an area with prisoners. As a result I got to know them and they would tell me about their crimes. What amazed me is that not one expressed remorse. They all rationalized and justified their crimes. This is when I realized, this is just the nature of man. We all rationalize and justify the immoral, self-destructive, and often stupid choices we make. Today we're not even allowed to call them wrong, but for this treatise I'll call them sin, but whatever you call them, they become emotional baggage, burdens we carry through life, often with self righteous indignation, self loathing or self pity. We become slaves to our sin. The greater the sin, the heavier it is to bear, the more enslaved we become. Israel and Judaism is no different, but their burden is great, because the weight of their sin is so great. They rationalize and justify their sin, but worse, they lead others to follow, inciting hate, communism, zionism, & revolution. By forgiving our sins and dying on the cross, Christ lifted that weight from us, giving us new life, even for the most foul tiny remnant of Judah that rejected him. Through Christ we can be the blessing, have new purpose, new everlasting life, and have the joy, love and acceptance we are seeking.     

 This is how 

“The Truth shall set you free.”

    I want to thank all you who  supported me. I hope someday I’ll be able to represent you, and if you didn’t, but now you appreciate my candor and truthful historical analysis, maybe someday with your help, I will. I pray there are still enough intelligent and honest thoughtful voters who recognize truth in these arguments.

   I am always seeking truth. So much of what we're told is lies. Attached is a video narrated by Ed Asner produced for Architects and Engineers for 911 truth,