Recent Criticism by my Children, the KC Star etc.

      Regarding my children, this is a result of a toxic divorce. My two younger children who are in their mid and early 20's live with their mom. My son, 25, did come to live with me in 2011  when I went to  Denver to pick up my nephew, Miles who was a heroine addict at the time. We all worked together and lived together for a couple years. Miles recovered and is now married with two kids living in Nebraska. My son continued to work and live with me but often spent weekends with his mom, especially when his sister was in town. He was opposed to my run for political office. When I won the primary and all the social and media assault came, he sided with his little sister and moved back to his mom's. Young people are much more sensitive to social media. My ex and I have no contact. This divorce took place 2006-2008. It's sad, but many fathers and some women can probably relate to what's happened to me with my kids. 
      Regarding accusations that I'm anti-semitic, I reject those accusations absolutely. I don't judge anyone by race or the color of their skin. It is slander trying to lead people away from supporting me, and it is untrue. Statements I have made on my radio show have been taken out of context so I invite anyone to listen to some of my podcasts at  Since 2015 I close every show with a Christian song, usually "Show Me the Way" inviting my listeners to Christ. 
      As for my opponent Jon Carpenter, he is pro-abortion, gay marriage, gay adoption, supports pornography as free speech, open borders, LGBT clubs in public schools, and unisex bathrooms being introduced in the NKC school district. He has never worked a 40 hour/week job in his life as far as I can tell. I am the antithesis of his views and experiences.
      I especially want to focus on porn and what it's doing to our culture and especially young boys and girls, how it is so addictive, and what else that leads to. How it destroys marriages, leads to a culture of abuse and other addictions. I want to focus on school reform. Kevin Corlew criticized me but has stated that he supports education. What does that mean? What will it take for a Republican to make a stand for our kids and honestly talk about what's taking place in public schools today! We all know what's happening but are afraid to say it or address it.
      I recognize Islam is a problem for America. So if you wonder what all the fuss is about, look at Judge Kavanaugh and what he endured. Anyone that would challenge them, or dare speak truth will be subject to a personal assault. So I'm not trying to make friends with politically correct speech, I'm just calling it the way I see it, and if you think Republicans and/or Democrats are going to be your salvation for America, and this beautiful state of Missouri, then go with them. I'll just call it the way I see it, and I"m a threat to both parties.
      Regarding my radio show and comments I've made. I subscribe to our Declaration of Independence "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal" we don't segregate or divide people by race in this country, and our constitution that "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion" that this country rejects a union of church and state, theocracy. And the third fundamental founding principle is Free Speech. These fundamental foundational principles of America I hold 100%. I would hope that we would expect these principles from our closest allies. Our Western allies hold these principles, Australia and European allies, but our closest allies in the Middle East are antithetical to these principles, Israel and Saudi Arabia, and yet we are trying to topple Syria and remove Basher Assad who protects his Christian, Jewish and other religious and ethnic minorities, where women have all the rights as Western women, and many patriotic Christians serve in his armed forces. Syria comes closer to these fundamental founding principles than any other Middle Eastern Country. Israel has the weapons and resources to fight their own fights now, and I don't and won't sign on to more conflict. They could make peace with their neighbors if we would just get out of the way and quit sponsoring their wars. Israel is armed to the teeth. No one will pick a fight with Israel. If we'll get out of the way, peace will be found in the Middle East.
      Alepo is where ISIS was attempting to genocide the remnant of the decendents of the Turkish Christian Armenian Genocide of WWI. This town where they found refuge and escaped the genocide and have flourished in Syria was under assault and neither Israel or the US would come to their defense. Thank God Russia stepped up and stopped the carnage. ISIS is a proxy Jewish/Saudi army attempting to remove Basher Assad, who we are pretending to fight, but ISIS is doing Israel's bidding. Notice that ISIS hasn't so much as thrown a rock in the direction of Israel. Israel has an objective to unseat Basher Assad because of the Golan Heights and is promoting lies about Syria to justify our involvement in this conflict.
      Yitzak Rabin, before he was assassinated, was attempting to make peace with his neighbors including Syria which would have returned the Golan Heights to Syria, however since that time Israel has discovered the largest oil and natural gas reserve in the Middle East in the Golan Heights and is not about to give it up now. Israel has allied with Saudi Arabia to build a natural gas pipeline from the tip of Saudi Arabia through Jordan, Syria, Turkey and across the Dardenel Straights into Europe (the Syrian Pipeline, look it up), and Israel wants to control it all. 
      This is why we are hell bent on removing Basher Assad. It's all for Israel, oil in the Golan Heights and Israel's plans for expansion (just look at how they have expanded into Palestinian territory from the original map of Israel). The truth about what's taking place there needs to be outed. I don't want one more American coming home from the Middle East in a body bag or in pieces. Israel is trying to drag us into more conflict in the Middle East and I don't buy it, but I am fearful of where it will lead.
      I do believe in Biblical prophecy, and what is taking place in the Middle East is exactly that. The final result will be that Jews and Israel will turn to Christ. But as for these coming battles, Apocolypse, Gog and Magog, Armagedon,  yeah, those little events, I would just prefer to leave us out. I know that's not going to happen, but wouldn't it be beautiful if we we could just lead Israel and the Jews to Christ, and avoid all the mayhem. Wishful thinking on my part, and that's why I'm under assault, because I challenge this narrative that we need to defend Israel and Zionists obsession with continued war in the Middle East.
      If you have further questions for me, you can call 816-455-3334.