There is another issue as to loyalty for America.

  • We are constantly over and over being told of conflicts of interest with our politicians consorting with Russia, China, or whoever. Our founders had one first love, and that was America. There could be no question as to their loyalty and love for America. They were willing to serve and give their lives in defense of America and no other country. So when we see what should be American boys going off to serve another country, who have dual citizenship with another country, then I have to ask, then why are you here, and why do you return. Dual citizenship is also an abomination to our country as founded. Our refuge, first and only love is America, and if that is not your refuge, first and only love then go to your refuge and love and fight for your refuge, but don't pretend to be American. See if you can create there what we have here, but don't drag us into your conflicts and expect us to do your fighting for you. We've had it with the conflicts you have created in the middle east. You go fight for your country and see if you can create what we have here.  Listen to Michael Savage describe a perfect example of this.   Listen to this report on Shalom TV from Steve Gutow, President of the JCPA (Jewish Council for Political Affairs) as they describe their plans for America. And by the way they have also promoted overrunning Europe, the United State and Australia with Moslems knowing well they would never assimilate and that it would lead to conflict. The JCPA program of "Immigration Nation" doesn't stop here. It is their agenda for the whole Christian West. This inevitable conflict with Islam would then lead Christians to the Middle East to defend Israel. That is their plan. When Christ was questioned by Ciaphas, the chief rabbi, and asked if he was the king of the Jews, Christ answered "My kingdom is not of this world". He was talking about a spiritual kingdom in the next world. Judaism is and has always been about creating a worldly kingdom (thus the mocking sign above Christ) and thus, Judaism is a political movement masquerading as religion, and these two clips illustrate it well. We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal! We don't separate people by race in this country, but there is one nation that does, and they are one nation where ever they reside. Listen to this news report from Israel describing "One Nation". No dual citizenship or loyalty here, just one nation that has duped other nations into accepting them as dual citizens, but there is only one loyalty, they are one nation. And even before their nation was created they were one nation, sowing hate, discontent, racial, gender and class division, victimhood and unfounded guilt shaming. This tiny minority and their surrogates are responsible for the deaths of over 100 million in the last century and are up to their treachery in this century in Venezuela, and South Africa in addition to the discord they sow in America, Europe or anywhere else they reside or have their surrogates. Their holy book the "Talmud" justifies treachery and deception in order to achieve their political objectives. It also justifies child abuse and human trafficking. Their golden rule is "The ends justify the means". In Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 John calls them the Synagogue of Satan. They pretend to love America when in reality they hate America and the rest of humanity. Michael Savage describes them here. They stir up racial, gender and class division, victimhood, hate and guilt, in part, because it justifies their own. This has gone a little long, but we are in a war here, and the first rule of war is to know thine enemy, and if we don't figure this out and fight to take this country back at some point it may be too late. We will suffer the way the Soviet Union suffered, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Michael Savage explains here that we need to identify our enemies. I understand that sometimes the truth hurts but as Christ said, "The Truth will set you Free", and I want to be free. And just as I qualify my statements on Islam. I have no animus toward any race or people, but I do resent ideologies that promote injustice, hate, division, victimhood and unfounded debilitating guilt. And when I see or hear others promoting these foul ideas, absolutely I will speak out. The problem for America today is that it is almost illegal to speak out this way, and most people are afraid to do so. And yes I know that individually these can be incredible, compassionate and caring people and a blessing on those around them. People are people and yes, I get that. In fact this tiny minority consists of some incredibly gifted and talented people, but that doesn't justify what they do. Their history is well documented now, not just the last 2000 years but the last 100 years and still fresh in our memories, and this ideology is foul and needs to be outed. I don't judge anyone by the color of their skin, or race, but by the content of their character, and that's where the problem lies, and fortunately for America, most of this small minority have abandoned these ideas and accepted Christianity and become the blessing on mankind that God intended, and they can be an incredible blessing.