why are our schools, Hollywood, and the main stream media so obsessed with LGBT

Lesbianism, Homosexuality for men (Gay), Bisexuality and Transsexuality. What's the deal? They are seeking minority status and privilege, but it's worse than that. Listen to a clip from my radio show as Jack Justice w/ former Brietbart News editor Milo Yianopolous describe the gay community and his experience as an adolescent boy. We did the human genome project 20+ years ago and there has never been a genetic marker found for homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism, pedophilia, beastiality (because that's where this will go) etc. etc. We've also been told there can be gender fluidity. This is insanity, but it's also dangerous, unhealthy and self destructive. The rate of disease and psychosis associated with these lifestyles is off the charts. By every measure, the LGBT lifestyle falls short. The life expectancy, rates of suicide, substance abuse, mental health problems, disease, cancer etc. etc. all fall far short of traditional straight America.  I donate blood, and one of the first questions they ask is have you as a man ever once in your life had sex with another man. The risk for disease is too great to accept blood donations from these people but we're teaching our children alternative sex ed in public schools. We're supposed to be guarding our children but we're teaching them oral and anal sex. Rush Limbaugh on alternative sex ed being taught in public schools. On the lighter side Cary Grant has a comment. How is this happening? What is going on here? Listen to Rush Limbaugh describe this. The National Institute of Health (NIH) has spent over a million dollars creating and promoting an ap, that facilitates hook ups for gay black teens ages 14-17. Listen to Rush describe how Another NIH study spent over $400,000 to study the satisfaction level of the first penetrative gay sex for adolescent African American boys. There is something incredibly sinister here and this isn't just happening by accident, so we need to protect our kids and take our schools back and let parents decide what's best for their kids. Listen to Michael Savage describe a pedophile conference at the University of Cambridge, England coming to America soon. Michael Savage tells us how academia is now promoting pedophilia. Listen to my radio show as Jack Justice describing what I call "Corrupting America with Depravity"                                                 But                                                          

 there's something else. If you are LGBTQ++ reading this and are offended, you shouldn't be. But I also understand that sometimes the truth hurts, and up until my little political campaign no one dare address these issues in politics, much less publicly or even in private conversations. So I'm blowing that out because I will not be bullied. Growing up, especially in elementary school my parents held me back a year, so I was a year older than the rest of my class. I had an advantage. I was the strongest and best athlete in my class, and just a little more mature, not much, but a little. I became the enforcer. Kids will be kids, and kids are no angels, often trying to establish the pecking order through bullying and teasing their classmates, and when other kids in my class were being picked on I came to their defense. I know some of the torment many of you experienced growing up, and I also know that for whatever reason you came to your lifestyle not on your own. You may have come from a dysfunctional family, had an overbearing mom, or an abusive father, disinterested father or no father. For whatever reason you were led to this lifestyle or turned to this lifestyle. So I've heard the LGBT say to me, "Why would I choose this lifestyle for myself? Why would I do that?" The implication for this argument is that you are miserable, so if you weren't born this way why would you choose it for yourself. I will grant that many of you didn't choose it for yourselves, but it isn't God's plan for your life. Often times someone else made that choice for you when you were led to that lifestyle. No one in my elementary class turned to that lifestyle that I know of, but in high school there were a couple, and we didn't bully them. They did fine. Nobody I recall picked on them, but so what if they were bullied, does that give you the excuse to bully others. But even worse, why would you intentionally lead other children down the same path of torment that you experienced. When you say "Why would I choose this for myself? Why would I do that?". Then I have to ask, then why are you hell bent on leading our children this way. Now that you have found political acceptance, you have become the bully in spades. You march around in your parades flaunting your depravity, declaring you have gay pride etc etc. I don't buy it. You are tormented, but why do you wish to inflict your torment on children. So if you'll be honest and truly remember the torment you experienced, you wouldn't wish that on other children. You are being used to promote a political agenda, just as the Black Lives Matter, LaRaza, and Antifa crowd are being used to promote an anti-Christ agenda. We don't have an animus toward you, or blacks, hispanics or others, but you have bought into the politics of hate. We don't want our children to be taught to hate, class envy, to be victims or taught to feel guilt for things they didn't do. They are taught to feel guilt simply for having the will to compete and succeed, something we all should applaud. We don't buy it. I don't have an animus toward you, but I will stand up and defend our kids, and yes I have experienced hate coming from you, but I'm an adult, and I will not be intimidated. Your peer pressure tactics of hate may work on some, but it doesn't affect me. Let's have an honest discourse instead of your usual name calling.